The merits of officials are not exceeded attempt to bribe (He was arrested the head of the department of audit of state contracts the Ministry of Defense)

As the “b”, on charges of attempted bribery on a large scale detained the head of the department of audit of state contracts Ministry of Defence Dmitry Shortage. According to investigators, he was part of a group of corrupt members of the military authorities and entrepreneurs, intermediaries demanding kickbacks. Headed shortfall since January Department of the Ministry of Defense is responsible for order and pricing of the purchase of weapons, military and special equipment.

According to “Kommersant”, the case promises to be highly resonant, investigators Military Investigation Department TFR in Moscow has filed 15 October. Initially it was an organized criminal group, whose activities were “aimed at taking bribes.” As military investigators believe, was composed of officials of the Audit Department of Defense and government contracts “other”, including civil, face. On the same day it was filed separate criminal case for “attempted bribery on a large scale” (v. 30, ch. 6, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code) against the head of the department of 38-year-old Dmitry shortfall. He was detained, and then at the request of the military investigators arrested Savelovsky District Court two months. As explained by the “b” representative of the court Konstantin Timoshenko December 10 the term of arrest was extended for another three months. On the essence of the claims to the Defense Ministry senior official APU TFR has not reported. But it is clear that the allegations of corruption are directly related to performance management Dmitry shortfall. He heads the department monitors compliance with the rules of procedure of price formation in the exercise of functions of the Defense Ministry of Public Procurement procurement within the state defense order. Subordinates Dmitry shortfall engaged in determining the initial price of state contracts, to monitor and analyze the price of supplies of goods, are studying the economic feasibility of target prices, are audited and justification of price proposals of the defense-industrial complex, and so on. D.

It should be noted that the department was headed by Dmitry Shortage recently - only in January of this year. At the same time he last personnel security officer. After graduating from the Academy of the FSB Dmitry Shortage until 2003 he served in the state security bodies. And then, having gone from office, transferred to the Ministry of Culture, which at first was a leading specialist, then deputy head of the international cultural cooperation. However, in May 2004, he left the position of Deputy Director of the Department of fiscal policy in the sphere of state military and law enforcement service and state defense order the Ministry of Finance, where he worked before joining the Ministry of Defense. Despite the relatively young age, Dmitry Shortage in his time he was awarded the medal “For Services to the Fatherland” II degree, as well as departmental awards FSB, Federal Security Service, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Customs Service. In addition, he has to thank the Government of Russia ………

22 December 2015

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