Crimean authorities proposed to change the 56 federal laws Russia

The authorities of Russia annexed the Crimea was sent to Moscow to proposals to change more than 50 federal laws to ensure the development of the peninsula, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.
“We have sent proposals to amend somewhere in the 56 federal laws that take into account the nuances that occur in the country, and should contribute to the development of all elements of our socio-economic situation,” - said in an interview with NTV Aksenov.
According to him, the federal legislation of Russia “does not account for all the things that exist in everyday life of the Republic of Crimea.”
“No one subject is not so many restrictions to date, as we do. Starting with the fact that we have no international flights at airports, there is no international flights at the ports. In view of the fact that all investors who come here under his own name, persecuted in the West, and so on, “- said Aksenov.
As an example of the obstacles for economic development Aksenov brought the situation in the tourism industry.
“We understand that in this case we could not for the year to raise the economy to a level to be repaired, put in order and to create a service in the territory of our facilities, such as Turkey or Egypt, which this 20 years were” - he continued.
Last week Aksenov said that in 2015, the peninsula has not received “a single cent” from the federal program provided 15 billion rubles for the development of the region. Russian media sources in the government said that this statement there have reacted with amazement and thinking about the “response” against Aksenov.
According to sources, 18 September from the federal budget Crimea and Sevastopol was transferred 2.77 billion rubles for the design and construction of 139 facilities, but local authorities have signed contracts only 308 million rubles.

24 December 2015

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