The court in the United States has deprived monkey copyright on her self

The federal court in San Francisco refused to recognize the monkey living in Indonesia Naruto copyrights to her own self. It is reported by The Guardian.

The lawsuit in US court was filed by the organization “for the humane treatment of animals” (PETA). Activists demanded to recognize the monkey copyright on a popular online self of the animal. However, the judge ruled that the laws on the protection of animals are not subject to copyright.

“Despite the fact that Congress and the president may extend to animals the action of human laws, there is no indication that it is applicable to the Copyright Act” - quoted US District Judge William Orrick edition

In 2011, British scientist David Slater, who has studied monkeys in Indonesia, located on the island of Sulawesi left unattended your camera. It takes advantage of a monkey named Naruto, made with the help of your self. The picture is shattered on the web and social networks, making the animal a real star of the Internet.

Later Slatter, a camera which made a monkey and self, trying to prove their rights to this image. However, the courts refused to recognize his copyright. In fact, now do monkey photo became public domain and may be used free of charge.

7 January 2016

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