Russia will submit a claim to the Ukraine on the debt by $ 3 billion at the end of January - Finance Minister Anton Siluanov

Russia’s Finance Ministry intends to end of January sue Ukraine over non-payment of its debt by $ 3 billion.

“At the end of January,” - said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov journalists, answering the question of when will be prepared a lawsuit against Ukraine.

Later, Assistant Minister Svetlana Nikitina clarified that the lawsuit against Ukraine will be filed before the end of January.

Recall that the May 19, 2015 the Ukrainian parliament adopted the government’s law allowing suspend payments of restructured foreign debt obligations. It is expected that the document will be valid until 1 July 2016.

The annex to the document, in particular, states that falls under the moratorium, including the issue of Eurobonds Ukraine $ 3 billion repurchased Russia in late 2013. The Russian side has repeatedly stated that the debt can not be considered private and therefore it is not subject to the ongoing restructuring of Ukraine. It should be noted, Ukraine has until the end of 2015 to repay the Russian bonds.

13 January 2016

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