Dutch Foreign Ministry said the possible establishment of a tribunal for the MH17

In order to prosecute those responsible for the catastrophe Malaysian Boeing-777 in Ukraine can be an international tribunal, he said on Thursday the Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Bert Koenders.
Passenger Boeing-777 of Malaysia Airlines, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight MH17, crashed July 17 last year in the Donetsk region. Killed 298 people. Kiev blamed the collapse of the liner militias, but they said they did not have the means that would bring down an aircraft at a height.

“Prosecutorial investigation is very active. On this basis we will decide in the coming months with the involved countries on finding the best mechanism for the (criminal - Ed.) Persecution responsible at the national level or through the creation of countries sharing the court. Depending on the progress of the investigation we will take decision with other colleagues “, - he said, speaking in the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Security Council of the Netherlands 13 October 2015 presented the results of the investigation of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing-777, flying to the Netherlands flight MH17. The report notes that the collapse was caused by the explosion of an airliner at the left side of the warhead type 9N314M installed on the rocket series 9M38 shot from the system “Buk”. Concern “Almaz-Antey” - the developer of SAM “Buk” - and the Defense Ministry has repeatedly argued that the launch of the rocket struck the MH17 can be produced from the area of ​​the village Zaroschenskoe where at the time of emergency, according to the Russian, Ukrainian troops were.

At the end of November last year, representatives of 12 countries, which are affected by a disaster Boeing-777 airlines Malaysia Airlines, held the third coordination meeting and discussed the progress of the investigation of the crash.

14 January 2016

Russia will submit a claim to the Ukraine on the debt by $ 3 billion at the end of January - Finance Minister Anton Siluanov
Statement of Kiev’s willingness to negotiate on the debt - trick (Ukraine pay nothing and no guarantee in this case it does not allow)

• Media: Relatives of those killed in the crash of Boeing in the Donbass can sue the government of Ukraine »»»
Ukraine is likely to have to be responsible for the fact that the country did not ensure the security of its airspace, causing the Malaysian airliner crashed Boeing 777.
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European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to communicate the complaint against Ukraine in the case of the collapse of the Malaysian "Boeing-777" in the east of Ukraine July 17, 2014.
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MOSCOW, October 16. / TASS /. State Concern PVO "Almaz-Antei" include losses incurred by the EU imposed sanctions against it.
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American Airlines Continental Airlines is recognized by a French court convicted of manslaughter of 113 people who perished in the crash of the supersonic airliner Concorde 10 years ago.
• "Almaz-Antei" wird die Entschädigung für die EU-Sanktionen und Experimente erfordern »»»
MOSKAU, 16. Oktober. / TASS /. Staats Concern PVO "Almaz-Antei" sind Verluste von der EU verhängten Sanktionen gegen sie.