President of the European Court stated that the establishment of the upper limit on the issue of the reception of refugees is contrary to the laws in force in the European Union

“In accordance with the laws in force in the EU, anyone who has the right to apply for refugee status, you need to assign this status. This provision is poorly coordinated with the establishment of a specific number or the upper limit (the host country of refugees. - Ed.)” - the chairman of the European Court in Luxembourg (EuGH) Lenaerts Kong on Monday, January 18 in an interview with Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. Establishment of the European Union countries adopted the upper limit of the number of refugees would be contrary to European law.
Lenaerts praised the ability of the EU to overcome the migration crisis. This issue does not lead to the collapse of the European Union, the European Union to cope with it, how to deal with many other previous crises, fell to his lot, says the chairman of the European Court.
He also recalled that the EU must always act in strict accordance with the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, so all Member States must adhere to the EU common minimum standards in the placement of migrants for such time as there is a check of their documents and compliance with refugee status.

18 January 2016

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