Der Spiegel: Merkel has filed a lawsuit against the Constitutional Court of Germany

The group of lawyers filed a lawsuit against the immigration policy of the current government of Germany in the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe. On Friday 22 January, according to the publication Der Spiegel. In a statement, the six lawyers indicated a violation of “their right to vote” and a violation of the right to participate “in the democratic process of decision-making.”

The court is required to accept the decision of Angela Merkel, dated 4 September 2015, to open its borders to refugees, contrary to the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. Also may declare unconstitutional the fact that Merkel did not produce an agreement to apply the rules of the Dublin and German laws on asylum and the right to stay.

“German Chancellor, conducting its policy, has no right to go beyond the laws that dictated her voters through parliament”, - said the author of the claim Clemens Antweiler (Clemens Antweiler), a lawyer from the town. In his opinion, Merkel may be called “retsidivistkoy” because it does not adhere to the letter of the German and European law in the past, for example, during the “energy turn” (decision to abandon nuclear power. - Ed.) And to overcome the euro crisis.

23 January 2016

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