London closed nearly 300 cases against the military, who were suspected of committing crimes in Iraq

In the UK discontinued legal proceedings against British soldiers suspected of committing crimes against the civilian population of Iraq. On Sunday handed Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

According to the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom, set up a special agency group, which is investigating the crimes in Iraq (Iraq Historic Allegations Team - Ihat), “decided not to pursue the investigation of the 57 cases.” The Office for Criminal Matters at the Ministry of Defence (military analogue of the Crown Prosecution Service - approx. Tass) also terminated the investigation in other cases related to human rights abuses by military personnel of the British Army.

As previously informed the local media, dozens of prosecutions of war crimes of the British soldiers against Iraqi civilians had to be considered in the framework of criminal law. This Ihat reported “sufficient evidence to initiate criminal proceedings” and sending 280 combatants notifications of bringing them to the investigation.

Ihat was established to deal with complaints of Iraqi civilians in the British military during the period from 2003 to 2009. During this period in the field of investigation has got more than 1.3 thousand. Applications for committing soldiers and officers of the British Army various crimes of violence, including murders.

Concerns Cameron

Earlier, Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed concern over the possible prosecution of British veterans of the Iraq war (2003-2011). “The prime minister is concerned about the nature of these cases. It is important for the government to do everything possible to prevent scenarios in which the materials of these cases could be fabricated,” - said the official representative of the head of government.

British troops during the war in Iraq was the second largest after the United States and employs 45 thousand people. In all, the conflict killed 179 British soldiers.

26 January 2016

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