The investigators may appear reason to believe that Chubais involved in the embezzlement of more than 220 million rubles from the property corporation

Investigators believe that the head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais was misled by the accused in a criminal case of embezzlement of more than 220 million rubles from the property corporations, and intends on finishing the investigation, to prove to him the fact of committing a crime.

“The investigation also has evidence that these works (the contract between the SC” RUSNANO “and JSC” IFC Alemar “in the amount of 226 million rubles - IF) are not met, their payment was made free of charge. Because of the work on the collection and verification of the evidence of this continuing, Chubais is not subjected during his interrogation as a witness, such evidence “, - he said in a written objection to the investigator GUS TFR Sergei Mikhailov, announced at a meeting of the Moscow City Court, which addressed the issue of the legality of extension of arrest of former Finance Director” Rosnano “Svyatoslav Ponurova.

According to the investigator, “in case of presentation of evidence at the final stage of the investigation Chubais may change their attitude to the crime under investigation, as well as to his subordinates, who misled him regarding the fact that the real performance of works of JSC” IFC “Alemar” “.

“Otherwise, if Chubais even as the sole executive body of the corporation with such evidence will continue to adhere to its current position, the result will be considered question about his involvement in the crime under investigation,” - the judge read out the consequences of the position.

In the read out document notes that Chubais during his interrogation as a witness “in the first place drew investigators attention to the fact that the work that the Civil Code” Nanotechnologies “with his knowledge ordered the JSC” IFC “Alemar”, could be ordered, the corporation had the right to attract such external services “.

“In this way, supported by the image of the organization for a long time headed by Chubais, as well as the image of Chubais” - the investigator Mikhailov said.

“This Chubais argued that these works are carried out and, therefore, reasonably paid for their performance, based on its assumptions,” - he said.

The statement also says that “contrary to the arguments of the defense investigation has not refused to take into account the will of the owners, what protection mistakenly believes Chubais personally rather than GC” Nanotechnologies “, continuing to collect new expertise through previously obtained evidence of embezzlement of property of the corporation”.

Meanwhile, Director of Corporate Communications “Rosnano” Alexander Barhatov told “Interfax” that the company insists on its position with respect to the transaction with “Alemar”.

“Until now, we are not aware of any new facts that could affect the previous position of our company and its leadership,” - said Barhatov.

“As we have repeatedly stated earlier -” Rosnano “does not recognize the damage which, according to the investigation, the company has suffered”, - he stressed.

As reported, the defendants in the criminal case of embezzlement are the former head of “RUSNANO”, Leonid Melamed, his former deputy Andrei Malyshev and drooping.

All three persons involved charged with major embezzlement committed by a group of persons (part 4, 160 of the Criminal Code), organizer of the investigation considers the former head of the state corporation. The latter is currently under house arrest, and the baby, according to his defense, he is being treated abroad after heart surgery.

According to investigators, Melamed took a job at a corporation controlled by him Malyshev and Ponurova and then initiated the question of the advisor company bringing to assist the corporation “Rosnano” services, the need for which it was not.

According to investigation, in 2008 dejectedly as the chairman of the tender committee, being in cahoots with the Melamed, secured the victory in the competition for the selection of the adviser to the company “Alemar”, co-owned by Melamed, then developed a draft agreement on the provision of services, which, in turn, signed Deputy head of “Rosnano” Malyshev.

Thus, in the period from February to July 2009 was spent unreasonably Corporation totaling more than 220 million rubles, according to investigators.

According to Raman, “Alemar” did not fulfill the stated in the contract of work, in violation of the terms presented reissued investment projects developed by employees of the corporation.

The “RUSNANO” insists on the absence of damage, the legality of actions of suspects and expressed confidence that during the investigation of their innocence will be proved.

The term of the preliminary investigation of the case extended until 11 March.

5 February 2016

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