Comment: The Ukrainian government is losing control levers - Bernd Johann

The authorities in Kiev have already lost a significant part of the confidence in the country and abroad. Now, though Yatsenyuk and not dismissed, the Prime Minister is no longer majority support the parliament.

Yatsenyuk had to leave the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. However, a resolution of no confidence in the government on Tuesday, February 16 has not received the necessary support for the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers’ Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, and Yatsenyuk will retain his position. His party supports its leader, although he is for her ballast. In Yatsenyuk no longer have a majority in the ranks of the ruling coalition: the president Petro Poroshenko, who has long pretended he did not care about the government crisis, demanding the resignation of the prime minister on the eve.

Probably, after the unsuccessful outcome of the vote for a resolution of no confidence in the Cabinet it still happen reshuffle. But if I can use them to restore political credibility so necessary at the moment to the Ukrainian people to believe in the real possibility of life without corruption and cronyism - a big question.

Neither forward nor backward

The Head of Ukrainian Cabinet Yatsenyuk was in the role of whipping boy. In Parliament there is no majority for the resignation of the prime minister, but he himself is not the necessary support for the deputies of the course. In this case only as a cynical and destructive behavior can be called the opposition parties, who voted against the reforms proposed by the government, but do not support, and a resolution of no confidence in the Cabinet.

Kiev policy was hostage to the interests of different groups. The country urgently needs a reboot and have to re-pick up the pieces. Faith in the ability of Ukraine to undertake the necessary reforms was considerably less both inside the country and abroad. Now doubt was generally effective government.

Lack of willingness to carry out reforms

Results grim: two years after the uprising against the rule of the oligarchs and the immensely corrupt regime of the previous president, Viktor Yanukovich in Ukraine the situation is determined again secret games. Businessmen and politicians openly continue to develop plans on how they can use the reorganization of the Ukrainian state for their personal benefit. Including why the adoption by Parliament of laws aimed at reforming the country, often delayed, and the text of the final regulations are far from the original concrete.

The reluctance of reforming permeates almost all structures in Ukraine. Yatsenyuk’s government managed to spend part of the reforms, such as the reorganization of law enforcement bodies, reforms in the banking and energy sectors. However, the effect of these measures, taken recently, is hardly possible to estimate.

This is particularly true of the new anti-corruption agency, which is due to politically motivated delays until now could only partially start their activities. Still not made changes in key areas such as the justice - first of all, this applies to judges and public prosecutors. In addition, Parliament is blocking reforms in the tax system. Do not progressing and the planned privatization.

It is necessary to restore the confidence of

Europe and the United States still support the process of reform in Kiev - both politically and financially. These partners, and most importantly, the people of Ukraine are waiting for the same corrupt structures will be demolished. However, Ukraine is mired in a government crisis: while Yatsenyuk and defeated in a vote of no confidence on the Cabinet, but as prime minister he actually becomes incapacitated.
Elapsed vote was a blow and Petro Poroshenko. Only a portion of parliamentary deputies from his party supported the call for the resignation of the President Yatsenyuk. Poroshenko has long been under fire ever-increasing criticism for the fact that it is insufficiently promotes reforms. And his relationship with Yatsenyuk, it seems, finally went wrong.

Both politicians are still major figures, who are responsible for the implementation of the promised reforms. No prepayments compliments from the West will not be: lost confidence necessary to start to win again. And it definitely will not be an easy task.

Author: Bernd Johann, head of the Ukrainian edition DW

17 February 2016

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