Vladimir Putin proposed to introduce an oath to the officials in the fight against corruption

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his administration to resolve the April issue of the administration of the oath for the civil servants in the fight against corruption.

This item is contained in the list of the President’s instructions following a meeting of the Council for Anti-Corruption.

“Present in the established procedure, proposals on the introduction of the procedure of taking the oath civil servants and disciplinary proceedings in the case of establishing the facts of its violations,” according to a document published on the Kremlin website.

19 February 2016

The court in Karelia admitted two Russian proverbs about the law discrediting honor of the Ministry of Interior
Astrakhan Court denied parole son of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Dzhemilev

• Medvedev signed a law on the introduction of compensation for "judicial red tape" »»»
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a federal law on compensation for violating the right to trial within a reasonable time or the right to execute a judicial act within a reasonable time “.
• Medvedev urged government officials to combat bribery in person. He suggested fining officials for a bribe in the amount of »»»
To fight corruption you need to enter a penalty for a bribe in its size, to teach officers personally deal with citizens and to attract the media.
• Corruption destroyed from the inside: the officials will identify bribes among their. »»»
On the whole vertical of state power in two months will be created special commission to comply with the requirements of official conduct of civil servants and resolve the conflict of interest.
• Federation Council to resolve the dispute with the non-normative acts of the authorities. The Federal Chamber of Advocates see it as a mini-revolution in the fight against kvazizakonodatelstvom »»»
The Federation Council approved the federal constitutional law, which allows to challenge in court any acts of the federal bodies of state power.
• Russia takes the fight against corruption to international standards. Bribes appreciate people »»»
Society should control the budget expenditures; bribing foreigners - the same crime, as well as bribing the Russians.