Police Chief Vnukovo detained before a promotion (suspected of corruption colonel methyl in the place of the chief of police of the Office of Ministry of Internal Affairs on transport CFD)

LifeNews learned new details of scandal with the chief of police Vnukovo airport. It turned out, Colonel Igor Kukushkin apprehended just before promotion. On the post of chief of the Police Department in Transport Ministry of Interior in the Central Federal District did not miss its own security staff of the Department of Internal Affairs, was accused of excessive love of luxury living. Police owned cottage worth about 30 million rubles, and several foreign cars.

It is noteworthy that Igor Kukushkin, to qualify for a new position, he graduated from the Academy of Management of the Ministry.

- Kukushkin before the appointment was held a kind of certification - received appropriate education, gathered positive characteristics in the service and forwarded the documents in its own security management Ministry of Interior of Russia but investigators CSS denied Kukushkin support and recommended it to the destination, - he told LifeNews a law enforcement source.

As it turned out, the employees of CSS for several months monitored the colonel.

- On Kukushkin complained restaurant owners, who paid 50 thousand rubles a month to work on the territory of Vnukovo, and after the New Year the rate was raised to 60, - says the source. - Sami Police Department employees have complained that management makes to accompany the money carriers arriving at the airport. In addition, Kukushkin charged with smuggling of caviar, which is also delivered to Vnukovo without proper documentation.

It is known that in the last few years the colonel has built a cottage in the town of Shcherbinka, the total value of the home up to 30 million rubles.

On March 3, during a special operation in obtaining a bribe of more than one hundred thousand police chief Igor Kukushkin Airport was arrested. The following day, 4 March, was arrested and detained for one month and 29 days accomplice Kukushkin - Alexei Bogdanov.

10 March 2016

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