Published prankera record conversation with a lawyer Savchenko [Another defender worse prosecutor]

Russian prankery published record a telephone conversation with his lawyer Mark Feigin, which represents the interests of Ukrainian Hope Savchenko accused of involvement in the murder of journalists RTR in the Donbass.

Responsibility for the call took the pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov (known as “Vova”). “We learned that Hope has arranged another hunger strike and decided to intervene in this process and try to make sure that she had calmed down we decided to write a letter purporting to be from Poroshenko and contacted a lawyer Savchenko Feigin on behalf Poroshenko administration talked..”, - Told the he.

During a conversation with a representative of the “President” Feigin repeatedly promised that “all done right” - Savchenko cause to plead guilty and give up the hunger strike.

Savchenko announced the termination of the hunger strike, allegedly received a letter from the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. After that, it became clear that the Ukrainian leader did not write any treatment. The authors of the messages were able to deceive the Consul General, and Feigin, and very Savchenko.

On the eve of the conversation was published prankera, presented Feigin, and press secretary Poroshenko. In the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Kuznetsov advised to call it a “provocation of the Russian special services” and reminded prankeru its own draw, when he called the head of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, posing as Ukrainian president.

11 March 2016

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