Arrested in North Korea American student sentenced to 15 years in prison

Arrested in North Korea American student Virginia Otto Frederick Vombier DPRK Supreme Court sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment to be served in a labor camp. He was accused of attempting to “undermine the unity of the Korean people.”

The student has arrived in North Korea on December 25 in Beijing as part of a tour group. The night of January 1 as it was found he made his way to the premises intended for foreign tourists Yanggakdo International Hotel and ripped off the wall hung out there a Korean political poster. American fully admitted his guilt, saying that he had become “a victim of the US administration’s hostile policy toward the DPRK.”

He admitted that he had committed a crime on the instructions of the United Methodist Church. “I made the greatest mistake of my life”, - he said at Vombier court.

16 March 2016

Published prankera record conversation with a lawyer Savchenko [Another defender worse prosecutor]
Putin in a telephone conversation with Obama, said that the request of the White House is an interference in the judicial process, and therefore can not be executed

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