Putin in a telephone conversation with Obama, said that the request of the White House is an interference in the judicial process, and therefore can not be executed

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the statement of his US counterpart Barack Obama, who called on the Russian authorities to release former Ukrainian servicemen Hope Savchenko.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, “the President has repeatedly given explanations on this score - and foreign counterparts, and at other levels were given explanations that we are talking about litigation and any outside interference in the jurisdiction of our courts is unacceptable, it is impossible” .

Earlier, the “immediate release” Savchenko urged US Secretary of State John Kerry. In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that it does not fall under any of the cases described in the Minsk agreements.

Citizen of Ukraine Savchenko accused of involvement in the murder of Russian journalists at Lugansk in the summer of 2014. According to investigators, she was monitoring the roadblock militias and adjusted the shelling.

Savchenko threatens ‘23 prison. The sentence should announce it next week.

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation commented on the detention of a number of high-ranking officials the Ministry of Culture, which was suspected of fraud at the conclusion of the restoration of the contracts. Dmitry Peskov called “do not hang tags” on the suspects to the court decision.

Dmitry Peskov: “Once again I invite all the same not to rush into hanging the convictions of some shortcuts in progress consequence Let us respect the investigation and let to court verdicts to respect the principle of presumption of innocence….”

Peskov also said that the president’s administration, as well as the media, is not a body of experts that evaluates the quality of repair work.

18 March 2016

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