Savchenko The court found guilty of the death of Russian journalist - she could face up to 25 years in prison

Donetsk Court of Rostov region on Monday acknowledged Ukrainian servicemen Hope Savchenko guilty of the murder of journalists RTR in the Donbass in the summer of 2014 and illegally crossing the border of Russia and Ukraine, RIA news from the courtroom.

“Savchenko murder committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons based on hatred and enmity”, - announced the decision of the judge. Reading the sentence continues.
She also found guilty of illegal crossing of the state border of Russia and Ukraine, according to the verdict.

“Savchenko commit their criminal acts of intentional dangerous method based on hatred and enmity, realizing socially dangerous nature of their actions and wanting to advance socially dangerous consequences” - the court found.

Reading the sentence continues. Savchenko faces up to 25 years in prison - the maximum term that can be assigned to women under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

21 March 2016

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