Israeli medical lights will go on trial for Russian patients.

Three leading medical Tel Aviv hospital “Ichilov” are accused of taking bribes for operations.
Medical center “Ichilov” in Tel Aviv.

The radio station “Galey IDF said that it is the professors Zvi Ram, and Shlomo of Constantine, as well as Dr. Yossi Paz.
The prosecutor’s office claims that doctors have received a huge amount of 40 foreigners - in addition to the provisions of the law on the board for their work.
Under current law, patients from abroad have to pay for medical care at the box office of the medical center.
Judging by the words of the head of the Ethics Commission of the Israeli medical association Dr. Tammy Carney, most affected by the actions of the three doctors from “Ihilova” - is sick of the Russian Federation.
In particular, Carney said in an interview with “Galey IDF”: “After Israel became aware of this scandal, it was also discussed in detail in the social networks in Russia.”

23 March 2016

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