Most Russians believe in eradicable corruption, but one in four believes that the fight against it is useless

The extent of corrupti[t:tag slug=vzyatochnichestvo]corruption and bribery in Russia, according to the Russians, can be significantly reduced (56%) or even completely eradicate these phenomena (15%), reported “Interfax“, “Levada-Center“.

Pessimistic one in four respondents (24%) believes that the problem can not be helped, the poll conducted on February 19-24 among 1,600 people in 137 settlements of 48 regions of Russia.

Responding to a question, sociologists, more than a third (37%) of respondents expressed the view that in Russia and in the West comparable to the scale of corruption. Almost as many (36%) believe, 9% that corruption is more widespread in Russia - whichever is less. Difficult to answer 18% of respondents.

According to the survey, among the Russians violated in the past three years, traffic laws and detained by traffic police, almost half (48%) had a chance in this situation to give a bribe.

Among those who received a driver’s license, I registered the car and spent more than a quarter of its inspection resorted to bribery in the last three years (28%). Similarly behaved 27% of Russians who found themselves in the hospital in the past three years.

Also had to give a bribe to respondents for admission to college (24%), with registration of the rights to the apartment (17%) or at a funeral (16%) in the last three years. Of those respondents who arranged for the child to school, gave bribes 12% of respondents. Upon receipt of the documents and certificates in the next three years, 10% of respondents have resorted to bribery.

In the survey, one in five respondents (20%) said that in dealing with everyday issues of bribery can be useful and can put up with it. A similar opinion about corruption in government hold only 5%. About intransigence bribery both in everyday life and in the bureaucratic environment, said 75% and 89%, respectively.

6 April 2016

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