Saratov court ruled on the lawsuit against Vladimir Putin

The Arbitration Court of the Saratov region dismissed the case on the suit Nikolay Suvorov against Russian President Vladimir Putin, as such claims are not within the competence of arbitration courts of the Russian Federation, in addition, the President of Russia for the period of their powers vested with immunity. This is stated in the definition of the Arbitration Court of the Saratov region, a copy of which is available “Gazety.Ru”.

“By virtue of the Constitution of Article 91 of the President of the Russian Federation shall enjoy immunity, which means the inability to attract the Russian President to any established federal law liability, including criminal”, - said in the ruling of the court.

The court found that the arbitration courts may not interfere in the activities of the president, as according to Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the President “shall have appropriate powers, the implementation of which is its prerogative, and the courts, including the Arbitration Court is not entitled to interfere in its activities.”

Finally, the Arbitration Court of the Saratov region observes that in its consideration of the competence of such claims is not included, since the arbitration courts deal with economic disputes.

“The arbitral tribunal has determined: terminate the proceedings”, - the document says.

Earlier it was reported that the Arbitration Court of the Saratov region took up statement resident Nikolai Suvorov city, which is the defendant in Russian President Vladimir Putin.

8 April 2016

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