The judge accepted the claim of Putin “enemy of the people”, devoid of authority

Arbitration Court judge Saratov region Tatiana Lyaskina resigned after a short time has become a hero of the publications in the media. She received a claim for the deprivation of the post of President Vladimir Putin as an “enemy of the people“.

The decision of the Judicial Qualifications Board Saratov region published today on its website. From the text of the document it implies that the judge herself has submitted his resignation.

Recall that the lawsuit against Putin became known on 6 April. Then the media wrote about a statement Balakovo resident of 85-year-old Nikolai Suvorov, who demanded the resignation of President of the Russian Federation “as the enemy of the people, other oligarchs and officials, for the looting of Russia and the impoverishment of the Russian people, for razbogatenie officials, bankers, billionaires-robbers.”

In this earlier, in March, the same claim for unknown reasons, was left without a motion to eliminate certain legal formalities.

Nevertheless, the court promptly stopped the proceedings, explaining that under the Constitution the president has immunity, which means that in any way can not be held liable. In addition, the Arbitration Court noted that in its scope fall only economic affairs to which the claim relates not against Putin.

Retired, however, did not give up and promised to continue to submit claims. His position, he explained that he was sorry for the country: “Why Putin admits that it robbed?”.

To confirm his words brought Suvorov income “old” and young people, which receives “10-15 thousand rubles,” that looks particularly paltry against the backdrop of “millions of huge salaries and pensions of officials and oligarchs.”

15 April 2016

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