Saakashvili: The new Cabinet is made up of second-rate and third-rate people

Not the best candidates to be included in the new government. The head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikhail Saakashvili said on April 19 during communication with journalists channel 112 Ukraine.

“With all due respect to Vladimir Groisman, which I consider a very good mayor of Vinnitsa and he has good intentions, but we now have the most faded government in my memory in Ukraine, consisting actually of the second-rate, third-rate people. A lot of good people there had not been invited, and many good people have refused to work there and it’s not normal, “- said the head of State Administration.

He added that the standard of living in Ukraine fell to the level of the mid-1990s., So reforms should be carried out at an accelerated pace, and in the country’s leadership to put forward “new and clean people.”

Saakashvili also spoke out against the active participation of the former head of the Ministry of Finance Ivan Miklos of Slovakia and Polish reformer Leszek Balcerowicz in the activities of the new Ukrainian government.

19 April 2016

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