A US court has given the course of the lawsuit to the psychologists who developed a system of torture to the CIA

Psychologists have developed a system for the CIA’s torture on the basis of experiments of the 1960s
US Federal Court gave the course of the suit to the two former military psychologists who worked for the CIA interrogation system during the reign of President George W. Bush.

The lawsuit filed nonprofit organization American Civil Liberties Union. It represents the interests of three people, which, according to the organization, the security services tortured. Among them are immigrants from Somalia, Libya and Afghanistan, the CIA detained in the 2000s. One of them died from hypothermia in Afghanistan provoked by torture. Formal charges brought against any of them were not.

In fact, this is the first lawsuit in the United States, which regards the CIA torture. Previously, according to the union, these claims were not accepted by the court due to security reasons and to protect US interests.

The current lawsuit involves the use of classified information. Parties are given a time out to decide what to do with this information at the hearing.

According to the union, psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen persuaded the CIA to take “torture as an official policy.” The program they developed, suggests methods of pressure, such as hunger, beatings, torture, insomnia and pouring water. These methods have been to break the will of prisoners.

psychologists program was based on the experiments of the 1960s, in which the dogs took part, according to the Associated Press. At the core of this approach is the concept of “learned helplessness.”

Protection Mitchell and Jesse asked the court to dismiss the case, as they were at that time civil servants and contractors. They have developed a program, but not accountable for how it will be implemented. All responsibility, according to protection lies with the state.

The US Senate in 2014 published a report that the CIA paid $ 80 million company that manages the psychologists, for the development of interrogation systems for countering terrorism. Later it became known that we are talking about Mitchell Jessen & amp; Associates of Spokane, which ruled Mitchell and Jessen. Sami psychologists had no experience of such work.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, in 2002-2008 were subjected to torture about 119 people. Now the program, developed by psychologists, no longer applies.

23 April 2016

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