Expert: The Company is waiting for penalties for corruption in Minemuschestve in Yekaterinburg

Sverdlovsk region awaits public adequate law enforcement response to the results of the anti-corruption operation, and she checked in harmony with the expectations of society. This opinion was expressed by political scientist Roman Ampleev.

According to the expert, people want to corrupt identified, arrested, and the facts of their illegal actions were fully open.

“For society it is important to both - if the charges are confirmed by corrupt officials, the punishment should be appropriate, without regard to past services, regalia, the presence of young children and other circumstances”, - said Ampleev.

Anti-corruption operation, said Ampleev, are a signal to heads of regions to pay more attention to the managerial staff.

On Tuesday 26 April in the framework of criminal proceedings related to the transfer of facilities to the FIFA World Cup 2018, in the Ministry of State Property Management of the Sverdlovsk region were searched, arrested the Minister of State Property Management of the Sverdlovsk region Alexei P’yankov and his two deputies.

Information that P’yankov detained in the case of reconstruction of the stadium for the World Cup 2018 Ministry spokesman Julia Vershetskaya not confirmed.

27 April 2016

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• (Stirring), the Presidential Administration requested the Ministry of Justice and other agencies in a short time to develop a new package of anti-corruption legislation »»»
Presidential Administration is intensifying the fight against corruption. Naryshkin directed
• Ministry of Internal Affairs will be checked on a polygraph (Interior Minister Kolokoltchev intends to act against corruption by technical means) »»»
The Ministry of Internal Affairs reinforce control of the management team.
• Features of corruption in Russia will begin to teach from Ulyanovsk school students from 6 classes will learn the art of bribery »»»
Schools Ulyanovsk introduced a new course “Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption”, in which the 6 th to 11 th grade children will talk about how the illegal use of official position.
• Civil servants subjected to total control - anti-corruption unit will appear in every department »»»
In the fight against corruption in Russia is entering a new phase.
• Moscow - the most corruption-city in Russia »»»
Moscow has the least potential legislative anti-corruption compared with other regions of Russia, experts say the National Institute of System Studies Enterprise (NISIPP).