In Odessa, the court banned the May 2 on the Kulikovo field events in memory of the victims

Odessa Regional Administrative Court has forbidden to hold public events at the Duma Square in Odessa on May 2 and to use non-lethal weapons at rallies.


April 29 court partially granted the appropriate administrative action of the Executive Committee of the Odessa City Council, according to the Court’s website.

The Court ruled to ban the Odessa City veteran organization “War Memorial”, the person responsible for the conduct of mass actions Stoyanov PS and the person responsible for the conduct of mass actions Fedorko RV public events, as well as the use of special equipment May 2nd, 2016 at Odessa, Deliberation area, 1.

The Board reasoned request to prohibit their actions by the fact that the media and social networks, “observed distribution of direct incitement to violence, breach of the peace, destruction of public property.”

“At the same time of the messages is seen one of the organizers of the action, that this action is directly related to the events of two years ago and contains calls to make a kind of repetition of the events, but already on the Duma area in Odessa. In addition, one of the organizers informed about the intentions of using special means to protest “, - the report says.

The court took into account that law enforcement agencies will be involved May 2 in Odessa on the Kulikovo field, because there will be peaceful actions - and this could significantly complicate the simultaneous maintenance of the rule of law in different parts of the city.

The Court also stated that on May 2 in Odessa, announced the day of commemorating the victims as a result of the tragic events that took place May 2, 2014, therefore, recommended to limit the use of music and entertainment events.

Meanwhile, on the Kulikovo Field on April 30 took place the National Guard under inspection departments and the police, which will ensure law and order in the city during the May holidays.

As the correspondent of “Duma”, lined up on the square near the National Guard under a thousand fighters, including “Azovtsev”, and armored vehicles.

400 National Guard troops will ensure law and order in Odessa. Additionally, in case of aggravation of the situation and the emergency situation created by the powerful reserves, which will attract to stabilize the situation, if necessary, according to the National Guard under.

30 April 2016

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