Denis Ivanov: “That was not deceived investors”

Russian proverb - a storehouse of legal wisdom. It would be easy - straw podstelil not be greedy, and you will pay double the price, etc. But you, dear fellow citizens, requiring counselor and protector in the person of a competent lawyer, often ignore and folklore, and common sense. The situation with the sayings in relation to the practice of law, we commented a leading lawyer and managing partner of the St. Petersburg law office “Economic Security Center” Denis Ivanov.

- It so happened that we have in Russia is not accepted to think ahead. But lawyers, as well as doctors need to be some kind of permanent relationship. If people in advance consulted with lawyers before making a decision, it would not be deceived investors.

We have the same people get into a situation not from a great mind and tend to want to save. And still then come for help. That situation has recently bought an apartment in a million people less real value. And although he had been warned that there’s grandmother lives, but assured that the rights it has any, later in the trial it became clear that all is not so simple. But it worked a magic formula - “a million cheaper.” Maybe it’s all the same trait, somewhere deep down, people had to realize that his cheating, but he hoped that the slip. And plenty of similar situations.
In many countries, there is such a thing as a pre-trial settlement, as the losing party is subject to a very large court fees. Lawyers meet in advance and discuss whether it is to bring the case to court is necessary. Often, the cost of the dispute may be much less than the amount of duty. We have people that, unfortunately, do not understand. As a result, the avaricious pays twice.

6 May 2016

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