The judge in South Africa called the rape part of black culture

Caucasian judge of the High Court of South Africa, Mabel Jansen during the conversation on Facebook called rape an integral part of the culture of the country of the black population. Talks took place back in 2015, but it became known about it only on Tuesday, May 10 reported The Independent.

Posts Screenshots whose authorship is attributed to Jansen, published a civic activist Gillian Schutte. “In their culture a woman needs only to please them. Women’s consent is not required. You know, I have not had a chance to meet the black girl, who had not been raped somewhere years at twelve. I am absolutely serious. Mothers so brainwashed that they tell their daughters that it is the father’s right - be the first, “- says one of them.

“Yes, and murder - is not that something out of the ordinary Gang rape of children, daughters and mothers -. There is no good time, Gillian facts -. This is not what the Liberals say,” - said in a statement.

According to the activist, she decided to put the correspondence because it outraged that such racist attitudes expresses a High Court judge. Jansen, in turn, said that her words were taken out of context and were written in private correspondence to help. The human rights activist argued that the correspondence was made public.

The case of the scandalous records will be transferred to the judicial commission on ethics.

10 May 2016

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