112.ua: Buying Ukraine, the West may go bankrupt and not achieve the goal

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Harness the Western media have those who can or wants to learn how to fish. If they do not take the catch, fellow citizens will soon be full, and Western partners - happy. And stop making about our on what not capable country sad forecasts.

It makes no sense to give Ukraine the money - there stealing donor funds for a quarter century. This was in the influential Washington Post newspaper writes US political experts Neil Abrams and Steven Fish. Text replicated Ukrainian media and became one of the most talked about topics these days (of course after the madness about the Victory Day). There are two options to solve the problem. The first - to give money only for specific projects, tightly controlling every dollar invested. The second - to freeze the financial assistance is not relieved chronic thieves decent responsible citizens.

On the one hand, the right decision - to give the hungry, not a fish, and bait. It would work if the Ukrainian sovereignty leave alone the small and medium-sized businesses, to enact appropriate legislation. Then - theoretically - Ukraine could become a country of small shopkeepers with a liberal economy. Simply put, a free people, tempered float freely, quickly learn to fish by giving a part of the treasury of the catch in the form of taxes. However, we understand: the state needs the whole catch. In addition, it will come up as the law to take a lot of money for the lease of the smallest rod. Please note: we consider a hypothetical situation when the West abandoned us to the financial fate. It will not change anything in the country, where millions of pensioners and state employees still stubbornly waiting and destructive victory of socialism.

There is another side: the liberal and progressive part of citizens is ready to give Ukraine a concession, for example, the United States. Embodying the old Soviet anecdote about what we need to declare war on America and surrender. On good for our country ought to be a new, remote, located on the European side of the globe States, where everything will develop in the US Constitution, which has not changed since its foundation. This is not to rewrite Ukrainian under each head of state. And the FBI in this case, put all, who did not run away with the stolen from the same American donor funds invested in Ukraine before.

Of course, this scenario is utopian. Because have to go back to step one: without financial injections of the West, we have not survive, because other money in the treasury no reason, though Ukrainians pay taxes. But the West knows that means that we sacrifice, stolen right from the start. But it is not until the end: the remainder is distributed between these state employees and retirees in the form of minimal salary - salaries, pensions, etc.

Let’s say a more realistic scenario - when the West gives money instead of requiring a particular product. In this case the reform. But how do you imagine the reform of Ukrainian prosecutor’s office or the court system for the funds of the IMF? Practice shows that even if the US and the EU, with the participation of Canada, Australia and Japan will want to build for the common money in our country effectively functioning rule of law, which is not an issue for our citizens, once their economies ruined. In this case the desired result has not been reached. Huge money on judicial reform will take are the same people that daily reshapes the laws for themselves, wiping his feet on themselves “justice” and the concept of “legal field”.

Putin in December 2013 is much easier to buy the loyalty of Yanukovych and his Party of Regions submissive by promising billions of dollars in loans and even gave part. The practice of donation, not only in the post-Soviet, but also focused on the socialist populism-Soviet countries shows that is easier to pay for the minimum idleness than the maximum movement of these countries to pay in advance. Around the same involved in the West is now taking another positive financial decision about Ukraine. The current situation is a bit better than ours in the sense that as long as our loyalty to Russia just can not buy, and to the West, even obvious populists loyal and without money. The next step - the ones for whom the West allocates donor funds should stop like a hungry electorate - those never fed. Harness the funds should be those who can or wants to learn how to fish. If they do not take the catch, fellow citizens will soon be full, and Western partners - happy. And stop making about our on what not capable country sad forecasts.

11 May 2016

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