“Revizorro”: a provocative transmission for high rankings?

VLADIVOSTOK, May 13, RIA FederalPress. The “Revizorro” certainly has a high rating. Unsanitary, insects, dirty floors, a commercial neighborhood disturbances products, lack medknizhek the employees - that’s a short list[/t:[t:tag slug=otsutstvie]list of favorite topics, which are specialized program participants.
Of course, every normal person is troubled this state of affairs, if not cease to eat out. And nothing that many in their own homes cockroaches running around. However, it is unlikely they will be delighted, if they are on private land suddenly come to “test” some blonde or brunette, and then the whole country will see the dirty laundry of their family. In this position, difficult to navigate and put the door uninvited guests.
According to experts, the actions of the master and crew may fall under Article 19.1 of the Administrative Code “arbitrariness”. It is interesting to note that at the end of 2015 one of the restaurateurs Vladivostok even won the case on protection of business reputation with “Revizorro”. It was the first such claim against the transfer, but they could be more after the positive decision of the court.
If larger networks are capable to defend its position in court, what do small and medium businesses? It is not surprising that sometimes desperate owners, is just starting to bring things in order as may be kicking against the annoying journalist and her retinue. Recorded several cases, because of which the channel is to apply to the court for “attacking” the purpose of the moral and material compensation.
High ratings of the program provide it heroes - ordinary people are the same as we are.

13 May 2016

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