Grimaces of the Bar: bribes and plums customers

The new crop of Russian lawyers - accused of bribery, secrets sellers clients[[t:tag slug=podzashhitnyj]clients and agents of special services

The legal framework of the modern legal profession in Russia was formed fifteen years ago - after the adoption of a new Criminal Procedure Code and the Law “On Advocacy”. However, to the obvious chagrin of the President of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers Yuri Pilipenko, advocacy as a corporation with the customs and traditions of our country and it has not been formed.

The vast majority of lawyers of a new era - a retired law enforcement or discharged therefrom for a variety of offenses. There is a small layer of people who did not serve in the bodies, however, and for the moral criterion is not worth taking - and they often do not have at-least minimal notions of honor and conscience, and they serve as a lodestar fees. And so, and others, do not care for their clients.

Decent for the moral foundations of lawyers in Russia a few hundred, and they are known by name in his shop. But this narrow stratum then creep strive to those colleagues who fully bear the quality of the above two groups. A striking example - a young and promising Law Office “Zabeyda, Kasatkin, Saushkin and partners” from Moscow. Good location, expensive suits, intelligent face, tape on Facebook. However, in this small firmochki concentrated all the evils of the modern Russian legal profession.

Champion bribes indoors


The most prominent figure in this meeting of defense is the person whose name is not mentioned in the title. At that time, when it became AB “MCS”, Andrei Grivtsov served in the Main Investigation Department of the Russian IC and supporting colleagues, more morally - delivering (or, as they say those who had been under investigation - substituting) Cash accused by his own friends lawyer status. Grivtsova can not be denied in certain personal qualities - he regularly served: planting plan carried out accurately and on time, was in good standing with the authorities. In the second life - in conjunction with his friends, attorneys-grabbers and reshalschikami, organized scheme divorce accused.

Double Life burdened Andrei Andreyevich about provincial origin - unlike his companions, he was forced to wear a watch and penny drive at a squalid Ssang Yong Rexton jeep, so as not to shine their huge profits from shady activities. By 2009, tired of the image Grivtsova Koreiko underground millionaire, and he decided to play a brilliant and perfectly safe for him at first sight combination. Fortunately, at that time in the production of a Grivtsova got scandalous case of raider attacks SRI elastomeric materials. Under the old scheme, not run-time with friends, Grivtsov led to the oligarch Vladimir Palikhata “protector” - his longtime friend and former colleague, Ruslan Parkin.

Companions began to carry on with Palikhata interesting game. Parkin gave him the forecasts in the criminal case, which is investigating Grivtsov, for example, by telling what actions will take effect. Palikhata skeptic at first, apparently, did not really believe Parkin. However, all his predictions in a strange way were realized Grivtsova diligence, including the involvement of other persons as the accused. At the end of the clairvoyant Parkin “predicted” the oligarch that he would be imprisoned, but if you will give him to fifteen million dollars US comrades compensation, the bad forecast may not be realized and it will remain a witness.

Naturally, Palikhata begged confirmation Parkin words. At that he pointed out to him that in a day and hour Grivtsov cause for questioning as a witness and ask specific, comfortable questions, and then endure against Palikhata decision not to institute criminal proceedings. To confirm his words Parkin transferred Palikhata list of issues that he would be given Grivtsova. Later investigation revealed that this list was made personally Grivtsova on the service printer in the UK Russian building at the Technical alley.

Palikhata turned to its own security department of the Russian Interior Ministry, Grivtsov and Parkin were taken under control. After questioning Palikhata played out, which was held on the scenario, the parkin promised in the cell bank was placed dummy fifteen million dollars. Questions are strictly in line with previously transmitted list. When excavation of money, was detained a jobless reshalschik Sergei Karimov, he was later arrested and Grivtsov. Parkin has disappeared and is wanted until now.

deus ex machina

Now, escaped with slight shock of the story, Grivtsov writes tales. Very funny and amusing, as a rule - of lawlessness in law enforcement, and even publish them. Then, in January 2010, once in prison he was very scared and even wanted to sincerely confess everything. However, on the advice of the comrades of the AB “MCS” without giving accomplice in trouble, he pulled himself together and decided not to hurry. After reviewing the operational materials, served as the basis for his arrest, Grivtsov began to compose a most amusing tale. Yes, Parkin knew, yes, talked, went together to the elite fitness club “Onegin”, a subscription where he acting anti-corruption agency employee has presented all the same Parkin. As with the senior companion, I consulted him on criminal cases which are in production, and even gave some materials, including drafts of issues, which are then sold and sneaky Parkin Palikhata people.

In general, according to Grivtsova, he fell victim to Ruslan Parkin, which for divulging investigation gave him gifts, fed and watered. Of course, all familiar with the case to understand that it does not happen in real life - and Grivtsov and Parkin acted together and in concert, most likely - it is under the supervision of Grivtsova. As fond of saying

Chairman SK Russia Alexander Bastrykin, criminals wine was confirmed by the totality of circumstantial evidence, painstakingly collected by the investigation. Long or short - but Grivtsova persuaded in his first version, the inhabitants jury, pressing on pity and talking about how he selflessly served the state. Their acquittal was canceled, but then changed the political trend - SK Russia, which first all over the country announced the corrupt Grivtsova, entered the stage of acute conflict with Genprokuratoroy and ceased to be interested in the condemnation of the former investigator. During his trial Grivtsov was able to break through to the then Chief GSU SK Russia Sergei Markelov and told that if he planted, he will hand over all of his former colleagues, and in the appendage to the “case of prosecutors” will be “the work of the investigators,” and pohlesche.

It is important then another - Grivtsov for their own salvation completely passed her, as he warmly declared another, which, however, is more a problem of their relationship. But the line to protect it then formed a “PCL” AB lawyers, who in this case violated the unspoken commandment lawyer - he defend yourself, not other swamp. After the miraculous rescue Grivtsov, did not hesitate, he immediately received a lawyer’s status and joined the ranks of his old friends - all of the same law office “Zabeyda, Kasatkin, Saushkin and partners.”

As a former “Nazi”, suddenly realized their error, Grivtsov is now almost every day the media gives comments on violations of citizens’ rights, remand and other lawlessness, he knew firsthand things. I went to the President of the APF Yuri Pilipenko, who pesters initiatives to strengthen the role of the Bar, he is torn in the legal community controls. His site, which previously Grivtsov tearfully described going on in outrage against him, he rubbed - it is not necessary to know the future cash customers a respectable lawyer.

Everything on sale! And in a criminal case

Although Grivtsov certainly the brightest figure in AB “MCS”, there are people under him to become. For example, Alexander Zabeyda lawyer, also took part in the rescue of bribe-record holder Andrew Grivtsova.

In 2014 he carried out the protection of one of the accused in a criminal case related to the redistribution of property plant near Moscow “TekhInvestStrojj”, a major producer of coated steel. Then Zabeyda convinced of his client in the case of Alexander Rubtsov write and pass through the note from prison to family members, which, of course, it is not legitimate and is contrary to both the law on the legal profession and the prison rules. This Zabeyda, now it is clear that deliberately tried to convince him of the full privacy of its courier services. Besides Zabeyda urged him to write and send notes in a criminal case that the client did.

Anticipating here the opportunity to earn money, Zabeyda copied and treasured all these documents, as well as spit on lawyer secret, showed them to colleagues from AB “MCS”, who defended other accused. Once the client has refused Zabeydy service, he and his comrades on the law offices simply sold all the epistolary archive other accused - Olga Evstafieva, which at that time came from Rubtsov in financial hot controversy, to put it simply - in order to extort a huge sum of money.

By the way, at that time to protect Evstafieva connected and corrupt former investigator Andrew Grivtsov. In the following, for further intimidation Rubtsov, consultation AB “MCS” in the face Grivtsova Zabeydy and decided to attach the personal correspondence of the former client in a criminal case, referring the whole file to the investigator of the Investigation Department of the Russian Interior Ministry Andrei Metelkin that and put it in the case file.

Superfluous here will recall that after the position of the accused in the criminal case began to contradict each other, lawyers AB “MCS” in accordance with the professional code of ethics had to make a decision on elimination of the protection of the accused in this criminal case - they act just vile a human being, without any codes.

In fact, they have provoked his client to send messages without going through the administration of the detention center, which is directly prohibited by law, and then took part in the blackmail and extortion, and in the future - just worsened his situation in the proceedings. There is the use of professional developments Grivtsova Judas, who betrayed his accomplice as Parkin, which he called on the millions of crime. As stated above, in this adventure was directly involved Andrei Grivtsov.

Now Alexander Zabeyda working on new money business - it protects Yegor Sosina, at the end of 2015 in Kazan strangled his mother because she tried to cure him of his addiction. It is clear that the fate of the defendant Zabeydu interested in the least, and more interested in his father - billionaire Igor Sosin, co-owner of a chain of hypermarkets OBI and founder of the home improvement store “The Old Man Hottabych.” Zabeyda understands that the size of fees from billionaire and funds for “issues” depends on the severity of the situation Egor - worse than it is, the more you can earn.

Therefore, it is already clear that the fate of Yegor Sosina, with all its awfulness the crime, is unenviable - through the efforts of a lawyer Zabeydy destined him twenty years in a psychiatric hospital with intensive supervision, where it will be released for the elderly disabled. By the way, immediately after the arrest of the murderer of his interrogation protocols Sosina flared up in the media. Access to them was just a few people, including - loving Display Zabeyda glory. It is obvious that this is clearly contrary to the interests of both the client and his father - a businessman, Zabeyde paying astronomical fees.

Lawyers under the cover

All lawyers of AB “MCS” diligently convince potential customers of cash that have extensive links to the investigation authorities, prosecutor’s office and the FSB, which usually show a former investigator Grivtsova. It is not very opposite of the truth - during the criminal responsibility for a bribe Grivtsov was really tight taken development as the special units of the Interior Ministry and the security organs, and since then is their unofficial agent. It may well be that Grivtsov attracted to the service of the motherland and his colleagues in the office - and it is from this collaboration and there are leaks from the lawyers’ files, correspondence of the accused and criminal cases.

Indeed: in order to achieve the main goal - getting money from people in distress, by any means, and it will be worse than their situation, especially “fatty” fees are young and innovative lawyers. The fact that cooperation with the secret services expressly prohibited lawyers in the case of the slightest hint of it even lawyers in the Russian reality are curved shake hands, and Grivtsova Zabeydu care less - clients show good suits and women, rather than the effects of the so-called “protection”.

25 May 2016

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