The deputy and the judge illegally sold and built up the Black Sea coast

Again a loud corruption scandal. Russia’s Investigative Committee reported on the arrest of the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. He is suspected of “commercial bribery” and “abuse of power”.
According to investigators, Pushkarev and his accomplice - the director of the municipal enterprise “Roads of Vladivostok” Andrew Lushnikov - their actions caused damage to municipal enterprise of 158 million rubles. In fact Pushkareva were other episodes that are being investigated. Associates have brought to Moscow. Basmanny Court refused Pushkarev Russia in the mortgage and house arrest and placed under arrest the mayor of Vladivostok until 31 July.
Crimes in the local authorities are not always investigated and brought to court. People over the years used his position for the sake of greed, for example, on the Black Sea coast of Russia. The land there is, of course, “gold”, hence the scope of corruption.
Author: Elena Yerofeyev
In the village with a romantic name Pushkin dollars Marina - ten acres. She dreamed of a big house - living in a maritime container. Of the achievements of civilization - the only light at 6.50 per kilowatt. Water was brought in bottles. Pour into a bucket. That’s the romance.
Land in a pine forest was selling “Black Sea Finance Company.” The project was called “Classics”. Paved road under the asphalt. Electric poles. In the open hatches - a new water supply. It was like the truth. But once we sold the last - four hundredth of land - the regional administration made noise. The court claims fell to ban construction.
It turned out that it is the State Forest Fund lands. Arbor can put the house - you can not. The “Classics” was a classic of the genre of the land “divorce.” People selling air at a low price - only 95 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters of the resort - and even showed samples - a mansion with a plot of 1.5 million - a fairy tale.
“Forest protection at that time did not go here because there were no checks on the time here at all, no one knew what to do.” - Said Yuriy Kuprin, director of Gelendzhik forestry.
Foresters did not intervene. They knew of the “Black Sea finance company” is Remezkov Alexander, former vice-governor, now - the deputy of the State Duma. Officially retired back in 2011 and no longer recognizes her Pushkin dollars project. Earth did not sell, and assign the lease for 49 years.
Assignment of IP shaped by the person Arefieva JA, the sister of the former vice-governor Remezkova. It seems that Joan Aref’eva worked as a laundry service for business projects of his brother. On Aref’eva corresponded companies, houses, villas.
Remezkov as man refused to state the total. One of his latest declaration disappeared even a house - the deputy has registered his sister. Himself left the bike and trailer.
Behind a high fence in the center of Krasnodar lives Jeanne Aref’eva. Attempts to meet her or led nowhere. Behind the majestic pines and spruces luxurious mansion hidden in soft blue tones. Behind the house - a helipad. With the royal sweep rebuilt and country residence on the Black Sea, in the Tuapse region. At the pier moored white boat. The house did not come.
Villa Alexander Remezkova formalized as a rehabilitation center for 150 people, but the rest is only the Remezkov and his relatives.
Novosibirsk Limited Liability Company “Naukograd” also grab a piece of the forest on the shores of the Black Sea. Get as children’s sports facilities. Instead, tennis courts and football fields - personal homes and gardens fragrant floral aroma.
Assistant silently disappears, assistant master calls. These homes are likely to also outlaw - a capital foundation, solid walls. Only now, the Regional Ministry of Natural Resources has decided to sue the tenant. Previously it did not seem to notice.
Surprisingly for the officials in the forest suddenly appear as restaurants, hotels, private houses. A high-rise buildings in the city grow. The Black Sea coast is sinking in the unauthorized construction. The closer to the sea, the more expensive. Offer exceeds demand. Houses, like birdhouses: build tight windows - the windows, locked the entrance. And now, a fabulous view of the sea and the mountains lost in the crowded high-rise buildings. But developers do not stop.
Ugly skyscraper in 14 floors - it’s like a huge pyramid scheme. Still unfinished apartments are selling more than 2 million. The head of Gelendzhik Victor Khrestin confidently declares certain demolish. The city building called “house on stilts”.
“There were threats in the construction stage, the crack went on to the front of”, - said Victor Khrestin.
The third year of the administration is suing the developer. Home growing floor by floor on forty acres of land instead of the two hectares, where there definitely will not be any kindergarten or playground or parking lot. Mayor through a hole in the fence his way to the construction site. The investor appears within a few minutes.
Alla Realtor sells a house in a newly built apartment. If the high-rise building by the decision of the court is still demolished, 440 interest holders will be left without money and without shelter. Businessman Victor Samarkidi nervous. He used to work in a different way.
“Do you think that a house can be constructed, closing his eyes for a few days, it is impossible in the time it was permissible People built, and then handed over to the court was a chaos, then it’s all streamlined?!..”, - Says Samarkidi.
Samostroev - a problem of the entire coast. A resident Maria Anapa Gorchakov removes even the room - angle. In its 70 years the pensioner has worked day and night to save up for an apartment. “One gets the three consecutive years all that was given.” - Sighs the woman.
560 thousand rubles - for a tiny one-room apartment - 17 square meters. The so-called investor Elena Bohan collected money from co-investors - about 25 million - and fled to Ukraine. The construction of six-storey building dropped at the third floor. On the fence - a stigma - samostroy.
“I am not authorized to carry out operational activities spotted and say, for this house is such a name, this person should resign” - confessed to the head of Anapa Sergei Sergeev. But one name the mayor of Anapa still dares to call.
Reserve Grand Utrish. On the beach there is a building cafe. It temporarily suspended.
“This is the former chairman of the District Court he today he is acting It Starodubtsev Vladimir Petrovich, -.. Said Sergey Sergeev -. His is the decision he ordered the administration to sell the land to him for 10 rubles, and it continues here to build It threatens the security…”
Judge solemnly declares: Café belongs to his cousin Alexander Eremenko, as well as the hotel in the dunes, which for some reason is also credited Starodubtsev. Courts of the land now are - shared with entrepreneurs Bagiyan Sands. They once families were friends, but they quarreled business.
“He does everything possible to him who fear him will he the chairman of the court wanted -..?. The building took wanted - land wanted - half Utrisha bought” - said Inna Aganesova representative Worlds Bagiyan.
Vladimir Starodubtsev modest: it is not a construction magnate - he is the judge. And he admits that his son belongs to only one hotel - “Monarch”. There are multi-storey building, also built a son, but then sold and already like to do with it. The city administration recognized the skyscraper samostroem.
“If I had been tarnished conscience, I would have been unfair and dishonest person I would have stood up for a long time on his knees, bowed his head, folded his arms and would have said. You just do not touch me”, - says Vladimir Starodubtsev.
The former head of the Office of Municipal Control Vartevanyan Arthur had once fought samostroem. He tried, until he learned to stop the illegal construction of a shopping complex in the forest zone, who is behind this project.
“I followed a call from the chief of DAEC Kozlov Sergei Sergeyevich He told me that I would not climb back Allegedly they wanted it with the entrepreneur to build a shopping center..” - Says Arthur Vartevanyan.
Shortly thereafter, on Vartevanyan opened a criminal case for abuse of power. Endless interrogations. The house - searches. The investigation dragged on for eight months. Soon - in court. But illegal construction still halted.

6 June 2016

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