Moscow court ordered Lebedev to pay 1 million rubles veterans

MOSCOW, November 6 - RAPS. Meshchansky Court in Moscow on Friday granted the petition of World War II veteran Sergei Kramarenko the designer Artemy Lebedev, and ordered to pay 1 million rubles for the publication of insulting the memory of the participants and victims of war, rape was reported in the press service of the court.

“The court ordered the defendant to pay Lebedev 1 million rubles in moral damages, as well as an apology and remove the offending information,” - said the agency interlocutor.

The court granted the petition in part WWII veteran: when filing a claim Kramarenko pointed out in the requirements of 2 million rubles.

The reason for the suit became the publication of the February 6, 2014 under the name “City-coward. Yoo-hoo” and dated May 9, 2014. “Hyundai hoch, Hitler Kaput”, featured in the online journal “Live Journal”. The author of the publication is Artemy Lebedev. According to the plaintiff, the publication of data “insult the memory of the Great Patriotic War, its participants, veterans and victims, imposing a radical change of values, which is unacceptable in a country in which reverence for veterans and victims of the Second World War is the historical duty of the state and society.”


Earlier, the District Court dismissed the veteran’s claim, but the Moscow City Court Presidium found it baseless arguments and quashed all the decisions handed down earlier, sending the case for retrial.

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