Russia called the trial in the US recipient of the bribe during the privatization of Yukos

In the new treatment in a US court accused Moscow Yukos shareholders that the company was privatized by the fraudulent scheme, while the size of bribes has reached $ 2 billion. The document named recipients of bribes

Russia filed in a US court new evidence of illegal privatization of Yukos in the mid-1990s. As stated in the renewed application of the Russian side in the Court of the District of Columbia, filed June 5, the evidence was presented for the first time in the documents to the Higher Regional Court of Berlin, April 20, 2016. RBC acquainted with the contents of the application.

The submissions asserted that six Russian “oligarchs”, owned by Yukos, “the transfer of illicit payments directly through one of the applicants (Yukos Universal Limited) with the aim of bribes to government officials, who initially helped oligarchs buy Yukos in 1995 and 1996″. These officials - Sergey Muravlenko, Yuri Golubev, Viktor Kazakov and Viktor Ivanenko, said the Russian petition in a US court, where they are listed as Mr. Sergey V. Muravlenko, Mr. Youry A. Golubev, Mr. Viktor A. Kazakov, and Mr. Viktor V. Ivanenko.

They were appointed by the state managers of Yukos before its privatization. The petition states that in 1995 “the oligarchs” promised Muravlenko, Golubev, Kazakov and Ivanenko “huge bribes” if they use their powers to ensure the transition of the company into the right hands. Bribes were listed in 2002-2003 against the shell company Tempo Finance Ltd. (British Virgin Islands). Russia claims with reference to the agreement between Yukos Universal and Tempo Finance from 2002 that “oligarchs” have promised to give the four parties 15% of any transaction for the sale of shares in Yukos. Based on the company’s share price at the time of the conclusion of this agreement, bribes amount could range from $ 1 to $ 2 billion, according to the petition.

Russian protection in the face of lawyers White & amp; Case calls it “new” and “re-discovered” evidence, but essentially all of this information has appeared in the Russian multi-volume “Yukos case” in the 2000s. Sergei Muravlenko and Viktor Kazakov (former top managers and minority shareholders of Yukos, now - the State Duma), Viktor Ivanenko, Yuri Golubev appeared in the case file, although no charges have been brought against them.

The first two, in particular, testified, and Muravlenko in May 2007, told investigators that before the privatization of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, “verbally promised” that they (Muravlenko, Kazakova, Ivanenko and Golubeva) “material interests will be taken into account.” Muravlenko also said that the agreement signed in 2002, under which Group Menatep Limited pays cash the company Tempo Finance, the beneficiaries of which were the four top managers.

The decision to prosecute Khodorkovsky as a defendant stated that he and other participants led them to an “organized group” in 1996, made a verbal, and in 2002 - a written agreement with Muravlenko, Kazakov, Ivanenko and Golubev, according to which the Yukos Universal Limited pays Tempo Finance funds in the amount of 15% of the proceeds from the sale of shares of Yukos assets. On the basis of this agreement, in the period to May 2003, sold shares of Yukos and rewards are transferred to the Tempo Finance, said the verdict Khamovniki Court Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev in December 2010.

The head of the International Legal Resource Centre Andrei Kondakov told BBC BBC estimated the loss of American investors at $ 4.5 billion. “It was taken about 15% of the share capital of Yukos in the US and European markets, and bought small investors. Total sales by 15% its shares Yukos received about $ 4.5 billion in other words, the loss of American investors accounted for $ 4.5 billion, “-. said Andrey Kondakov. He said that the supply of a further appeal to the Court due to the fact that the Russian side has received new evidence of illegal crossing of the company into private hands.

9 June 2016

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