Ukrainians are ready to mass wiretapping and covert surveillance

Now we will watch for nearly all law enforcement agencies. And they will be able to read our correspondence, telephone calls and even to study the history of our views in the web browser.

Such a bill of rights of the security forces to conduct search operations have already appeared in the parliament. Lawyers say that if the law will need to be carefully filtered every word on the Web and by phone. And bloggers believe that now there is no secrecy of correspondence and any time you can find a listing of its own SMS on the Internet.

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The draft law “On operative-search activity” appeared in profile parliamentary committee. He united seven deputies from different factions. The main author - People’s Deputy from “Fatherland” Andriy Kozhemyakin, a former SBUshnik, who served under President Leonid Kuchma in the management of the “K” (for fight against corruption and organized crime). By the way, in 2006 the then Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin opened against Kozhemyakin case, accusing him of illegal tapping of journalists. But soon the case was closed.

MPs insist: the law is absolutely harmless. “We just put together in one document the scattered data on the search activities operatives are now in the main by-laws, instructions are closed But our law does not give them opportunities to engage in arbitrariness..”, - Said one of the sponsors Victor King of BPP. However, the project significantly expands the list of structures that can conduct wiretapping. For example, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) has criticized the fact that it is preparing to conduct covert wiretapping deputies. If the bill is adopted, then NABU such right will, as in several other structures.

Lawyers believe that the main objective of the document - to legalize the right to ten different intelligence agencies monitor the entrepreneurs, their partners and ordinary people. Thus, according to the bill, the State bureau of Investigation will monitor the judges, law enforcement officers and senior officials. Border guards - for smugglers and drug dealers. Fiscal - for entrepreneurs. NABU - for corrupt officials in power. Police - for murderers and bandits. The guards - for friends of prisoners. The scouts and military - for the saboteurs. State Guard - for the killer. A SBUshniki - virtually all of them.

There are no secrets on the phone
“Everything goes to the fact that the security forces were able to get right to legally listen to each of us, - the lawyer Ivan Lieberman believes -. If the law is adopted, we will see a massive wiretapping and covert surveillance comes to the fact that every Ukrainian, who calls someone will. feeling is not personal conversation, and the conversation in the TV studio. After all, who knows, maybe your partner is already in development, and it will lead unspoken investigative actions “.

According to him, there is another dimension to the protection of data collected as a result of operational work: “A couple of years with them shoot” secret “, and lawyers can get acquainted with them And the human factor can not be ruled out if the lawyer or the investigator will carry the data in court.. and a USB flash drive or a laptop is stolen, you should then look for a video on YouTube “.

But now the special services collect information “in reserve,” said lawyer Klim Bratkovsky: “Even under Kuchma tracked correspondence MPs, recorded phone calls now, little has changed only equipment has advanced, and the possibility of security officials behind Recently, they have learned to take the data… transmitted via “Skype” and now it is actively used:. massively open and reveal the case for the provision of online services of erotic character is considered more secure messenger there Telegram code more complicated, and the Security service has not yet learned how to break it. “..

Politics - only at the meeting
To get under the cap can be not only on suspicion of committing a crime. Intelligence agencies actively monitor potential separatists.

“If you want to talk about politics, you need to carefully formulate your thoughts - not as a call to action as well as his own opinion,” - advises Bratkovsky. Most people do. “Now there is no problem” listen “to the person why bloggers about anything secret phone can not say anything about what I’m talking on the phone or write the web, -… Publicly available information Printing and SMS messages from the” Facebook “is worth a few hundred dollars from . Therefore, when a private investigator enters parapolitical order to discuss the details only in person “- he told blogger Alexander Baraboshka.

10 June 2016

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