British marveled at how Shuvalov, with headquarters in London for 11 million pounds made fun of poor housing Russians

Russian Deputy Prime Minister belongs to the London apartment of about 500 square meters with six bedrooms and views of the River Thames, a castle in Austria (through controlled by him and his wife company) and Rolls-Royce for 40 million rubles.

In its most recent Declaration, he referred to an apartment in the UK area of ​​483 “squares” as the rent on 2015-2016 (in return for the 2014 lease was available for 2008-2018). This property has been Deputy Prime rents from himself.

Meanwhile, The Times notes that in 2015, Shuvalov declared income in the amount of 58 million rubles, mainly from commercial interests. And his official salary as a first deputy prime minister is about 10 million rubles.

British correspondent Marc Bennetts pages The Times writes that Shuvalov made fun of “tiny” apartments for the poor Russians, being “a key Putin ally who owns a luxurious penthouse in Westminster.”

At the end of Bennetts writes that bribery of Russian officials cost the country 20 billion pounds a year, but Russia refuses to ratify the 20 th article of the UN Convention against Corruption, implying automatic criminal liability of officials who are unable to explain the difference between expenditure and revenue officials.

As you know, a year ago on British TV was a film “From Russia with cash,” the secret purchases high-ranking officials of the Russian property in London. The film turned out to be resonant and, as later supplemented with data from the “Panamanian dossier”, promises to close the local housing market for such transactions.

15 June 2016

The court sentenced him to 12 years in ex-employee of the Moscow Patriarchate Petrina for treason
The State Duma has tightened Responsibility for corruption

• "It Shuvalov," passed in the U.S. and Britain »»»
Russian Prosecutor General’s Office on Friday officially informed that found no evidence of corruption in the scandal of the family business.
• Case "Shuvalov" »»»
In 2009 we were all very surprised that the legal income of the spouse, Vice Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov Olga was 367 million rubles (№ 4 in the list).
• Signed a law abolishing the responsibility for lzhepredprinimatelstvo »»»
President Dmitry Medvedev signed a federal law “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.
• One-fifth of Russia's defense budget is deposited in the pockets of thieves »»»
One-fifth of Russia’s defense budget annually stolen by corrupt officials, dishonest generals and crooks contractors.
• In the Volgograd region deputy prosecutor (with his wife) was trading in criminal cases »»»
The prosecutor's office of the Volgograd region initiated criminal proceedings deputy prosecutor Alexei Frolov district Chubukova.