Telecom operators have estimated the damage from Irene Spring bill in the trillions of rubles

The document involves storing the data of mobile subscribers and Internet users.

As told to the newspaper “Vedomosti” representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov, the costs of compliance with laws amount to 2 trillion 200 billion rubles. “Given that our tax profit for the past year amounted to 22.5 billion rubles, and the profit tax - 4.5 billion, at a cost we can not pay tax on the profit of the order of a hundred years, and the budget would wipe 450 billion,” - Solodovnikov said.

In turn, the “VimpelCom” appreciated the establishment of a system of 2 trillion rubles, and the cost of each of the operators in 200 billion. A company representative suggested that when a very heavy costs and the absence of new revenue, “VimpelCom” for a long time will not be able to pay income tax, and the budget It would wipe 40 billion rubles in the coming years.

In “MegaFon” costs of setting up data centers we appreciated more than 230 billion rubles. Moreover, operational services could cost tens of billions each year. At the same time a large part of the income will receive a foreign IT-vendors are not required to pay Russian taxes. The very same “Megaphone” in the net profit for the past year, 45 billion rubles will be unprofitable for at least five years.

The package of so-called anti-terror amendments relevant committee of the State Duma approved this week, their consideration is scheduled for 24 June.

23 June 2016

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• The amount of data that will have to keep operators on "Law Spring", was estimated at 157 billion GB »»»
At the end of last week, the State Duma in the first reading passed a package of anti-terrorism laws resonant made chairman of the Duma's security committee.
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Shadow income of Chinese households are comparable with 30% of the economy, the study found The China Reform Foundation, commissioned by Credit Suisse.
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Federal Service of Financial-Budgetary Supervision (Rosfinnadzor) in 2013 revealed violations in the use of budget funds in the amount of 1.
• Damage from the defense order. Prosecutors estimated the damage from corruption in public procurement of weapons, for the year - 1 billion rubles. »»»
Last year, in public procurement in the state defense order was damaged in the 1 billion rubles, write “Vedomosti” referring to the data of the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office.
• In the U.S., tomorrow is canceled State »»»
For Americans, the state - is simply a set of useful services that do not trust private companies.