Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office accused of inaction in the resettlement of emergency housing

The city prosecutor’s office made a presentation to the mayor to eliminate violations of the housing legislation


July 19 two residents of Novosibirsk took to the pickets to the City Hall. As they say themselves, to once again draw the attention of the authorities and the public on the violation of their rights in the resettlement of old and dilapidated housing. This story has been going on for months. Topic covered even at the federal level, criminal cases, several people arrested were brought.
“June 12 in Novosibirsk prosecutor Denis Ferenets ruled the mayor Anatoly elbow idea of ​​the violation of housing legislation, as I am with the children in a difficult situation. The submission pointed out that as soon as possible to eliminate the violation and provide us pursuant to Art. 57 h. 2 n. 1 extraordinary living quarters at a rate of 15 sq. meters per person. violated our constitutional rights that we guarantee our president. on Friday I was with Polanski. He said that the idea the mayor’s office received and unsubscribe to the decision Daniyar Safiullin. I said that I would go to the mayor’s office constantly on the picket until they urgently will not solve the issue in September daughters to school, and we are without all I waited until Monday -.. silence, so came today to answer the prosecutor’s violation of our housing rights law. on my side. walked by a spokesman for the mayor Artem Rogowski. He’s not talking to me, because in my arms legitimate refutation of his false comments. With no one approached the mayor’s office, there was a 10:50 to 13:20. I will continue to go until you give housing “, - commented on the news agency REGNUM Marina Kuznetsova, stressing that the picket wants to budge representation” to be carried out, and not to bring the case to court. ”

Raisa Vetrov also accuses the mayor’s office of Novosibirsk inactive. “I live on the First District, at ul Marata, 157 sq 1 2-room council flat with a plot of land of more than 5 acres are the facts mayoralty of inactivity:… First, the mayor’s office did not respond to the 2003 appeals and statements residents of the home to make major repairs, including the roof, and brought home to an emergency condition. Second, after 11 years of inaction city hall house became an emergency, but to recognize it as such, including the new mayor’s elbow did not, although promised me to do so at personal reception in June 2015, was not admitted to the reception of my representative, public man Konstantin Utkin, with a list of idle up to 6.5 years at City Hall Apartments zhilmassive “Spring”. by the way, after about three months of the elbow was made by the prosecution to these idle apartments. in October 2015, I finally achieved recognition of my house through the courts emergency and subject to the nose. The elbow is still dormant. in the third place, now, despite the prosecutor’s elbow on the resettlement of my emergency house in which living dangerously for my and other people’s lives and health, the mayor is still inactive. In my apartment visible holes through which I look at the sky, constantly fills me. At any time, the ceiling may collapse, and did not avoid death. Therefore, the prosecutor’s office goes to court to defend my rights and the life “, - he has told a REGNUM Vetrov.

“Marina Kuznetsova appealed to the prosecutor’s office with a complaint. In accordance with the law of its appeal was accepted and registered. According to the arguments set out in the appeal, to verify compliance with the housing rights of the City of Novosibirsk was carried out. The audit revealed irregularities in the resettlement her and members of her family of emergency house on Nikitina street. in this connection, the mayor of the prosecutor of the city was given the view. The view was sent to the mayor and must be considered within 30 days from the date of its receipt, with the personal participation of the deputy city prosecutor Igor Stasiulis. Meanwhile, the date of public prosecutor response is not assigned, “- said a REGNUM assistant Novosibirsk prosecutor Marina Yashchuk.

At the same time a REGNUM earlier reported that the mayor’s office of Novosibirsk has already received from the city prosecutor’s office four representations to eliminate violations of housing laws in the resettlement of dilapidated housing stock of the city. But city authorities refused to take specific measures according to ideas. After the failure of the Novosibirsk prosecutor asked the court to invalidate the actions of City Hall and the compulsion to provide accommodations.

20 July 2016

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