Law: Equality producer and seller in the buyer’s interests

July 15 came into force a law on trade, the main thrust of which - the protection of our domestic producer, the farmer, the baker, the grower - of all those who work on the land and their labor to produce food. Protect them against inequality in relationships with retail chains, to protect against unfair competition, give the buyer an opportunity to realize a high quality domestic products at an affordable price.

Food security, import substitution are well applied and vital, the measurement of which is abundant domestic quality products and transparent price.

Industry trade law first appeared in Russia in 2010 and was developed by us, the faction “United Russia”. Retailers and their numerous lobbyists, despite the huge amount of inaccurate information stuffing, could not prevent the fact that the rules for the interaction of subjects of different economic forces have been formulated to replace the unlimited dictation and extortion: networks of suppliers, producers.


What are the subjects of varying economic strength? It’s like a truck and a pedestrian - the subjects of the different physical forces. To ensure the safety of which is impossible without creating a rule. What causes a violation of the rules - is notorious. Our goal was to have the Russian producer was the right movement on the green light and the possibility of legal protection.

For the first time there were payment terms, a prohibition of solicitation, guarantees for small businesses by non-stationary trade, there was a restriction of payments in the form of premium turnover, duties regions to develop alternative forms of commerce, to create agricultural fairs to make the minimum trading margin.

There were heated discussions, direct pressure, but our leader Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin gave instructions to Viktor Zubkov on the creation of a special commission for the elaboration of these issues personally spent already become a historical meeting with major reteylom and got one on the protection of the domestic manufacturer and the buyer.

It is important to emphasize that this is a protection, not infringing the rights of networks as they would like is always present, and their return to mainstream respect for Russian producers. Then there was on the agenda issues of import substitution, liberal apologists marvelous economic thought testified that buy potatoes in Egypt, and all the rest is bought, if necessary.

It is the responsibility of state and a political decision was a major factor in strengthening food security. We understand that some compromises made in terms of antimonopoly regulation, mandatory prohibitions, premium turnover, require close attention.

Promises retail chains through codes of good practice to demonstrate the new fair practice doubt. But honesty is checked practice.

It is because we have continued to monitor the execution of the law if the collected information is analyzed across the country in the “People’s control” within our party project, we came in 2015 with the initiative of deputies of the faction “United Russia” on amendments to the law on trade.

Practice has shown that, unfortunately, the commercial networks are trying to turn into a premium sales tax, looking for loopholes default payment terms, continuing exactions. Therefore, the agreement of honesty, transparency, equal rights and the price competition, the quality can be protected and secured only through clear rules and monitor system state protection from the monopoly of pressure and discrimination.

New contracts under the new rules from 15 July 2016, to bring into line with the law prior to January 1, 2017 the previously concluded contracts, posting information on the Internet network for manufacturers and suppliers, the establishment of regional conditions for the implementation of the domestic product, an increase in the limitation period for warranty protection and responsibility.

Yes, we are facing important challenges, so we can organize the work in all regions of Russia, our partners and allies in this work - our farmers, agricultural producers, small and medium-sized businesses, all domestic manufacturers and their unions, “Support of Russia” and the FAS Russia. We will monitor and address regional authorities to create additional conditions for the implementation of regional product and lower trading margins.

Solving these problems will become a process of formation of good practice and a new culture of respect for the domestic manufacturer and the buyer, which, we believe, support and fair trade network.


The appearance of transparency and equality in the relations of producers, sellers and buyers will be a win for all participants of these relations.

Monitoring of the “United Russia” aims to provide a complete and comprehensive protection for all bona fide market participants at the regional and local level, rapid response to violations, analysis of performance practice of law. And, therefore, will be the basis for the forecast of development of the food market and the administrative, legislative decisions on its further development.

26 July 2016

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