Alexander Bastrykin abolishes security

The Investigative Committee reformed corrupt dangerous division
As the “Kommersant”, a loud corruption scandal with the arrests of several senior staff TFR coincided with a large-scale reform in the investigative agencies, which holds its chairman Alexander Bastrykin. In the course of her membership of a number of main departments TFR was downgraded to departments and some departments became divisions. In this case the main control inter-agency cooperation and management of their own security Raman, former leaders are now in jail “Lefortovo”, can generally be eliminated.

As sources told “Kommersant”, the internal reforms launched by Alexander Bastrykin, was to be completed August 10. By this time, a number of structural units were lowered in rank. For example, the main control software activities (GUOD) TFR was transformed into a normal control. Come in before in the management GUOD or were transferred to the direct subordination of Mr. Bastrykin, or granted the status of departments. In particular, what happened to the management of capital construction, which previously headed Alexey Skachkov, who was arrested for fraud in a large petition several months ago of the Committee on the charge (Art. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) at the conclusion of contracts for the supply of air conditioners for TFR premises. Certain units have also become directly subordinate tylovikov, public procurement management department, and the financial and economic management has become the department. Former GUOD the control rank now heads as and. about. Chief Reef Gaifutdinov. Moreover, its future is in question, as it, according to some, is associated with a dubious history of providing a service apartment the first deputy head of GUS TFR in the Moscow Denis Nikandrov, arrested for taking bribes from kingpin Zachary Kalashova.
Also, under the reform of governance can get the procedural control, which functions largely duplicated by the prosecutor’s office, oversees the activities of the TFR.

However, after the arrest of FSB general Nikandrova and the main department heads interagency cooperation and control their own security and TFR Mikhail Maksimenko Alexander Lamonova (the criminal proceedings instituted against them personally, Mr. Bastrykin) decided to reform and these units.

Alert about the upcoming redundancy received, according to sources, “b”, the staff of all central board and included in his CSS. Apparently, a serious purge will result in dismissal from the TFR many persons appointed under the patronage of Mr. Maksimenko. According to some reports, in his inner circle consisted mainly of his former colleagues and friends - came from St. Petersburg, and the local police department. There’s the time he served in Mikhail Maksimenko Coll. Later he moved to the TFR in the physical security management. Initially, one of its main tasks was the personal safety of top officials of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and himself. However, after the head of the TFR has been allocated from the protection of the FSO staff Maksimenko Colonel moved to the CSS department, then making a quick career. First he headed the CSS, and recently - a central board. The new unit, in addition to its own security features, subordinated management of physical protection, emergency services and interagency cooperation, as well as three separate department - information security, support for transport, organizational and documentation support. In addition, some time ago, there is included and Audit SCR control.
Informed interlocutors “Kommersant” said that after the dismissal of employees in CSS TFR structure will cease to exist in its current form, remained within the pre-existing physical protection department managers and investigators who are in danger. This is officially the CSS still exists, and its chief, Colonel Lamon listed.

“No notification of his dismissal we have not received”, - explained the “Kommersant” lawyer Olga Lukmanova accused. According to her, Mr. Lamont is reportedly still in jail “Lefortovo”, but no investigation is not conducted with him. Ms. Lukmanova also noted that on Monday filed another complaint with the Tverskoy District Court on the steps of the investigation. She disputes the legality of the preliminary investigation against her client FSB investigators. Counsel notes that the incriminated article of the Criminal Code of taking bribes in a large scale (art. 290 of the Criminal Code) is not within the competence of the FSB. The decision to entrust the security officers conducting the investigation took Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin. The legality of this decision will be reviewed in the coming days by the court. Previously, Mr. Nikandrova similar protection complaint was dismissed.

It should be noted that, first, on July 15 this year, in the investigation department of the FSB opened a criminal case on the organization of a criminal association or participation therein (art. 210 of the Criminal Code). The next day, by a decision of the Prosecutor General he was connected with the criminal case of corruption in the TFR, transferring it to the production of security officers. Three days later on it had been detained and then arrested the senior officers TFR. Thus, it is possible that the charge against Messrs Maksimenko, Nikandrov Lamonova and can be extended and weighted.

Officially comment reform and possible personnel changes in the TFR declined. However, before the official representative of the Investigative department Vladimir Markin promised that “work on the self-cleaning will continue.”

16 August 2016

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