Irina Spring checked retail prices in retail chains in Khabarovsk

The head of the Russian State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Irina Spring, who got acquainted with the retail prices in retail chains in Khabarovsk, found no infringement of the rights of local producers, according to the website of the regional government on Wednesday.

It is noted that the MP has visited one of the local bakeries and one of the most popular among city dwellers hypermarket chains.

“The shopping center Irina Spring bypassed shelves with products included in the list of the consumer basket -. Milk and meat products, bread, vegetables, fish the example of the value of sliced ​​loaf, which is released from the factory for 13 rubles, and the network is offered at 14.9 rubles, the deputy saw that the margin on the product does not exceed the established 5% “, - reported on the website.


Spring recalled that a month ago, came into force amendments to the federal law on trade, initiated by deputies in Russia. The reason for it was the treatment of bakers, who complained about the price discrimination. Some networks are literally for a song bought their products, and then made triple markup.
“Such monitoring food prices today is conducted across the country. It is important to understand how the equal and fair conditions created for our domestic, regional producer and its interaction with the commercial networks. It should be noted that in the province, these relations are based on mutual understanding, there is no infringement of the rights “- presented on the site the word Spring.

Earlier Spring stated that the results of monitoring of the “United Russia” will prepare a report to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will contain the analytical conclusions about how to execute the law.

In early July, Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved amendments to the law on trade. Changes, in particular, limit the amount of remuneration retailers value 5% of the price of purchased goods (previously - 10%), these retro-bonuses include advertising, marketing, logistics and other services to promote the product.

17 August 2016

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