Former employee UFSKN in Novosibirsk, convicted of theft and thrown heroin

Former employee UFSKN in Novosibirsk, convicted of theft and thrown heroin

NOVOSIBIRSK, August 18. / TASS /. Novosibirsk regional court today convicted a former deputy chief of the first department of Russian Federal Drug Control Service of operational management services in the Novosibirsk Region Roman Kiselyov. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for theft, abuse of authority and illegal drug trafficking, the press-service management of Russian Prosecutor General’s Office in the Siberian Federal District.

“The court ordered Kiselev penalty of seven years imprisonment with a fine of 50 thousand rubles, with disqualification to hold positions in law enforcement related to the implementation of the functions of the authority as well as the deprivation of his special title.” Police Colonel, “- said in a statement.

As established by the Court in June 2015 Kiselev with subordinate officers detained resident of Novosibirsk, has been selling drugs. Using the keys, seized from the suspect, Kiselev has penetrated into its two apartments, one of which has kidnapped more than 800 thousand in the other -. Heroin weighing not less than 372 grams.

The drug for weight gain, he added baking soda, and then divided the material into two parts; one of them weighing more than 1 kg Kiselev left in the same apartment, and the second, about 166 grams of weight, illegally transported and planted in the home of another resident of Novosibirsk. Later, the drug was found and seized during the searches conducted by the investigator UFSKN Russia in Novosibirsk region.

As a result, Kiseleva action on suspicion of preparing to illegal sales of drugs (Art. 1, Art. 30, Part 4 of Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code) was illegally detained citizen, against whom criminal proceedings were initiated and a preventive measure in the form of detention . Man held in pre-trial detention for almost two months.

Actions Kiseleva qualified court on h. 3 tbsp. 158 of the Criminal Code ( “theft with illegal penetration into dwelling, a large scale”), h. 3 tbsp. 286 of the Criminal Code ( “abuse of power with serious consequences”), ch. 2, Art. 228 of the Criminal Code ( “Illicit traffic in narcotic drugs on a large scale”).

18 August 2016

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