Spring said that retail chains have refused to engage in dialogue on the new law,

The federal trade networks have refused to discuss the problem with the manufacturers cooperation and issues of implementation of the new provisions of the law on trade, said Tuesday the State Duma deputy, the coordinator of the project “People’s control” of the party “United Russia” Irina Spring.

The twenty-third day of August in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation held a round table with the participation of deputies of the Duma, food manufacturers, dedicated to the implementation of changes to the law on trade, which, in particular, limit the amount of remuneration retailers value of 5% of the price of purchased goods (previously - 10%) in these retro-bonuses include advertising, marketing, logistics and other services to promote the product.

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According to Spring, while retail chains have taken a pause and, “based on the separately appearing informational messages, are working to hook or by crook to keep its margins, wanting to find a new form of seizure of the same board, they used to take to the manufacturer only in new forms “.

“We see some trends, the desire to increase the penalties we just want to pre-empt this action.”, - She said during the event.

The MP added that the participation in the round table all federal trade networks were invited, they were initially confirmed their participation. Later, however, they refused, citing the fact that the event will be attended by a representative of the Association of Retail Companies (AKORT).
“What conclusion Conclusion is this - that there is unavailability of honest dialogue with the producer and with the unions of producers who are represented today Because when invited playground open, honest discussion of the best way to find a common language -. Is to come and discuss the questions I do not know. maybe AKORT due to the fact that seeks to exercise its monopolisation and corporate control of trade networks, thus persuaded retail chains do not go for an honest conversation, but an honest conversation is always better, and we very much hope that today the dialogue that will yet only AKORT, inspire sales network to ensure that not only collect their lawyers to find workarounds for non-fulfillment of the law, but also to inspire them to an honest dialogue with the producer “- said Spring.

24 August 2016

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