Searches in the “Renova” are connected with the case of bribes to senior officials of the Republic of Komi is 0.8 billion rubles

Russian Investigative Committee (TFR) explained, with associated searches in the “Renova” company.

According to the official representative of the department Vladimir Markin, a criminal case was instituted against the former and current heads of PJSC “Plus T”, the main shareholder of which is precisely the “Renova”.

Investigators suspect the leaders of the “T Plus” in bribes, the total amount of which reaches 800 million rubles.

“According to investigators, during the 2007-2014’s helpers, as well as other unidentified persons, acting in the interests of CJSC” IES “(the legal successor of this company is a” T Plus “) and its affiliated organizations, passed to senior officials of the Komi Republic (in currently is involved in a criminal case of a criminal Gayzer) as a bribe cash and other assets to establish the most favorable tariffs for heat and electricity, as well as providing other benefits and creation of comfortable conditions of doing business in the Republic of Komi. The money transferred to the settlement accounts of companies listed taker The total amount listed as monetary compensation funds amounted to more than 800 million rubles, “-. said Markin.

In addition, the investigators found that the Republican Energy company involved in the case due partly shifted to offshore through the same CJSC “IES”, and then through an offshore company controlled by senior Komi face.

“At present, the Moscow offices of PJSC” Plus T “and other affiliated companies, with the support FSB operatives in the Republic of Komi and the Russian FSB conducted searches, question witnesses,” - said Markin.

5 September 2016

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