Police, to investigate his son the deputy head of “Lukoil”, dismissed (deputy battalion commander did not pass a polygraph test and was fired)

According to some reports, after the proceedings before the scandal son of the deputy h[t:tag slug=zamestitel]deputy:tag] of “Lukoil” Shamsuarova Ruslan and his friends, Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Povlivu offered to undergo a polygraph on the fact of receiving bribes from participants in the race on the “gelendvagene”. The deputy battalion commander refused to take a lie detector, and wrote a letter of resignation.

As it became known to Life, one of the participants of the race Mara Baghdasaryan came to contact with the police through his friend to try to reduce the penalty. After some time, she made a reservation to the higher leadership of lieutenant colonel, that he has “solves the problem.” After that, zamkomandira resigned.

Recall golden youth on the car “Mercedes Benz” the G-Class, owned by 20-year-old Ruslan, staged a real race with the police in the capital. Young people deliberately violate traffic rules and were thus broadcast in Periscope service. The incident became known after one of the subscribers posted a video on YouTube.

First, the police fined a young man, who was at the wheel of an SUV, but after a public outcry over the incident participants received severe punishment. Thus, the court appointed a deputy head son “Lukoil” Ruslan Shamsuarovu 15 days of administrative arrest.

6 September 2016

Searches in the “Renova” are connected with the case of bribes to senior officials of the Republic of Komi is 0.8 billion rubles
Former head of “VimpelCom” declared the federal wanted list

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Zelenograd district court in Moscow yesterday sentenced a Muscovite Mikhail Stukalova, who was accused of beating a policeman to a fine.
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Judges interested in how to punish corrupt officials who have committed a crime until May 2011.
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In Ufa, the court sided with the plaintiff in a dispute between the 27-year-old disabled child Evgeny Strelkov and traders, who considered it inappropriate for a visitor to their establishments.
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A resident of California managed to win in a lawsuit with the recording company Universal Music.