Students are required to pay $ 10 000 for moral damages for the publication of the forum

A year ago, in the midst of the struggle for deputies of local authorities in Belarus on one of the regional forums, a letter from a defamatory accusations against photographer. The letter was the subject of judicial review, it appeared on the forum in December 2006. The site administrator, a student from Minsk, Lida residents offered an anonymous letter under the heading “Cruel Intentions Lida” politicians “who” came to our mail, not only to us. “Photographer asked the court to deny a student posted the information and pay him about 10 thousand . U.S. monetary compensation for moral damage.

The court granted his claim …

25 November 2007 | belarus, body, forum, letter, mp, power, prosecution, publication, student

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For the first time Russia’s court-appointed compensation for the theft of photographs on the Internet.
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