Defense plans to increase the retirement age for military

According to the deputy minister, Gen. Nikolai Pankov, lieutenant colonels will leave a well-deserved rest not with the 45-year-present, and with 50 years, colonels in the 55-Tb, the generals after 60.

Along with an increase in retirement age and provides for additional payments to former soldiers. Not later than 2009 should be to adopt a draft law on military service, which equalize the military the same rights as civil servants, reports in the “Echo of Moscow”.

5 December 2007 | age, colonel, defense ministry, deputy, general, recreation

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The law provides that citizens who have served faithfully for at least three years under contract in the armed forces of Russia and other troops, military formations and bodies of military positions to be filled by soldiers, sailors, sergeants, petty officers, and dismissed from military service are taken into state and municipal educational institution of higher professional education outside of the contest subject to the successful passing of entrance examinations.
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Это первый случай, когда в споре об условиях кредитования решение принято в пользу кредитной организации.