Ukrainian president proposed jail for misuse of history

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko proposed to introduce criminal responsibility for denying famine of 1932-33 as genocide of the Ukrainian people and the Holocaust as the genocide of the Jewish people. If Parliament adopts the proposed head of state law, for the wrong interpretation of history, will face a fine from 100 to 300 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens or up to two years in prison.

The introduced Viktor Yushchenko, the bill has proved controversial: many historians do not believe Famine of the 1930 genocide, as it suffered from not only Ukrainians but also Russian and Belarusian. In addition, Article 34 of the Constitution guarantees citizens the right to freedom of thought and speech, to freely express their views and beliefs.

According to Ukrainian historians, because of the famine in 1932-33 in the country died from 5 to 10 million people. The main factor that triggered the famine, Ukrainian researchers called the decision by the leadership of the USSR to withdraw the surplus grain to cover foreign loans.

9 December 2007 | genocide, history, people, president, prison, ukraine, viktor yushchenko

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• The State Duma on Wednesday to take a statement about the famine 30-ies »»»
State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov said after the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn emphatically disagree with those Ukrainian politicians, who claim that the famine 30-ies was a genocide against the Ukrainian people.
• Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko initiates the creation of an international tribunal on the crimes of communism »»»
An appropriate statement Yushchenko appealed to the leaders of the former socialist bloc, including the president of Russia.
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Sberbank, which accounts for one third of all loans issued in the economy and the population of Russia, offers imprison the leaders of companies and citizens, willfully evades repayment.
• In Ukraine, a journalist on trial, denies that the Holodomor was genocide against Ukrainians »»»
The following week, January 21, Ukraine will begin the first trial of the man who dared to publicly question the fact that the Holodomor of 1932-33 was a genocide against the Ukrainian people.