On 12 December, the buyer of the car and other equipment has the right to return the goods to the seller within 15 days after purchase if it detects any deficiencies

The new version of the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, which comes into force on 12 December, the troubles facing the car dealers and sellers of other technically sophisticated products. Previously this was possible only if the deficiencies are recognized as “essential.” Money back will be required in the event that warranty repair took more than 45 days or every year product warranty in the aggregate repaired more than 30 days. Finally, we introduce charges for violation of the delivery date: Now it will amount to 0,5% on the day of prepayment. Previously, it was possible to claim under the Civil Code, only the fee for the use of money (in the amount of the discount rate Bank - 10% per year).

The number of claims increase, said a representative of Nissan Tatiana Natarova. Under the blow will fall primarily dealers complained Dealers Association of Russia, President Dmitry Gulin. In his view, the sellers of popular cars will suffer from the limitation of warranty repair: service facilities and spare parts for these cars is not enough. Dealers budget car, which in the early days of exploitation are often manifest flaws in the assembly, will be faced with frequent repayments. Small commercial and service centers can be ruined, because their margin - 6-7%, and the car who left the salon and put on the record in the traffic police, losing 10-15% of the price points Gulin.

“When serious problems we had in nine cases out of 10 changed the car”, - says Yuri Soloviev, Director of Sales, “Claros-trading”, the dealer GM. But now, he fears, will increase the number of blackmailers: “So, you can return the car, if poorly locked glove compartment.” On the depreciation for the dealer of speech does not go, he recalls.

Such a rigid law, says Gulin, found nowhere else. In France, the buyer is given a week, during which you can terminate the contract, but the car should not leave the salon. In the U.S., you can return the car within the warranty period, but the buyer will retain a fee for depreciation.

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