Defaulters and debtors are not released abroad

Since February 1, bailiffs will be able to initiate criminal prosecution of defaulters alimony or bank debtors. However, the Federal Bailiff Service will continue to apply the already-established practice to be effective ban on travel abroad in respect of debtors.

In FSSP advised citizens to advance their local branches of service: there will be pay claims and to lift restrictions on travel. Kommersant wrote that the innovations associated with the adoption of amendments to the Law on Executive Procedure and Criminal Procedure Code. The four articles of the Criminal Code, which previously debtors could be held criminally responsible, to add two more: 157 ( “Willful failure to pay maintenance for the children or disabled parents) and 177 (” Willful evasion of payment of accounts payable)

15 December 2007 | bailiff, deadbeat, debtor, effectiveness, exit, february, practice, prosecution, service

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• Alimony restrict travel to Russia »»»
Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) of St. Petersburg plans to introduce restrictions on travel to Russia for debtors, told reporters the chief bailiff of the city Vladimir Goltsmer.
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If you are going to drive your own car, think of all outstanding debt.
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In the Sverdlovsk region will now look for the debtors through a satellite system, follow up their cars.
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In 2007, the Criminal Code of New Zealand was amended to prohibit the use of corporal punishment against children.
• UFSSP: bailiffs have no right to break open the doors of debtors »»»
Under the new law, the bailiff got the right to enter the dwelling without the consent of the debtor, but this does not mean that they have the right to break open the door, explained today the deputy head of Office of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia in Moscow, Konstantin Plekhov.