Delo Phalanstère: Intelligent … extremist … Pornography …

Against Boris Kupriyanov, co-founder of shop intellectual literature “Phalanstère”, on Monday, may be prosecuted on charges of distribution of pornographic literature. He faces imprisonment for a term of two years.
I think that any police officer (our business deals with the police, yet the prosecutor’s office), prosecutors, who goes to the shop Phalanstère, falls, in principle, in a hostile environment. When a man all his life working in firearms and seeking bandits suddenly sees a book called “verbs of motion in Slavic languages in the water, he apparently decided that over him simply bullied. We are strange, and this peculiarity is treated, apparently as some sort of extremism

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15 December 2007 | distribution, employee, literature, monday, phalange, police, prosecution, prosecutor, shop

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