U.S. Congress for the first time in 13 years has tightened the law on arms sales

U.S. Congress on Wednesday, Dec. 19 passed a bill to tighten the requirements for buyers of weapons, reports the Associated Press.
According to the norm, all the data about mental illness citizens will come to the national criminal information system (NICS). Everyone who wishes to acquire weapons will be tested on this basis.

AFP clarifies that existing law prohibits the carrying of weapons mentally ill. Until now, however, to ensure proper accounting of these citizens would not let the lack of funding.

If U.S. President Bush Dzhorzhd within 10 days did not impose on both houses of Congress passed a law, it enters into force.

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U.S. President George W. Bush signed a law whereby people who have serious mental illness will not be able to purchase firearms.
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U.S. House of Representatives approved the bill, which aims to prevent the falling of firearms in the hands of mentally ill people, and thus tightens rules on trade in arms.
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The US president tried unsuccessfully to amend the legislation, but